Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Happenings

The weather has been crazy this year, no?  I am now going to expect an epic storm for each season.  Since I knew it was going to rain most of the time we were up in Northern VA, I decided to get a trip to the zoo on Saturday.  It was the perfect weather and there were few crowds.  We really had a great time and I'm glad that my mom was able to join us.  We have also been able to go to a trunk or treat at my parent's ward and saw my sister run her first marathon.  It has been busy and fun.  Maybe a quiet rainy day was needed.  Too bad it is going to be about three or four of them in a row!  At least I am getting some work done on Christmas presents.  So the pictures below are from the last few days.  I hope you enjoy!

 The National Zoo has finally finished the American Trail.  It was awesome and the kids loved it.  We had up close views of the beavers and sea lions.  I can't wait to go back again soon!

 I think Ella is feeling the call of the wild!

 This was our mode of transportation at the zoo.  Jack loves sitting on the top of the strollers.
 I have a couple costumes lined up for this Halloween.  I really love making costumes.  It just feels more creative and fun.  However, we did get this great pajama outfit from his nanny so it was perfect to use outside!  I made Ella a marathon runner, which would have been really awesome if she was walking, but I think we were about a month early.  She didn't want to be held in the pictures that's why she looks so funny.  I kinda like that face though!

 The night before we left, we decided to carve pumpkins!  Jack had a lot of fun!

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