Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Last Few Weeks

I thought it might be nice to have a blog post with a few pictures of our recent outings as a family.  We may not be traveling far away, but we sure are enjoying the place we live.  So I thought I would include a few images from our adventures that are close to home!
The first set of pictures are from Bridge Day this past Saturday.  We decided to hike to the bottom of the gorge, instead of walking on the bridge.  This was by far my favorite way to see the event. You get an up close few of the base jumpers and the crowd is much, much smaller.  Plus you get a nice workout on the way back up!  My sister was visiting, so she was also in these pictures as well.

We took a family afternoon hike out of Cunard.  We parked at the boater's pullout next to the river and hiked along the dirt road that follows the river.  It was super scenic and beautiful.  We found one place to walk down to the river and it was so quiet and peaceful.  Jack loved throwing the rocks into the water, Ella splashed, and we enjoyed being outside.

We took one Saturday afternoon to venture down to Charleston, the state capitol.  They have a really great, hands on science museum.  Jack was still a little too small to fully appreciate it, but it was nice to explore.  Sadly it was super cold outside, so we decided not to extend the trip with any more exploring for the day.

Last week we decided to have a small family outing.  We walked half of the mill creek trail (it is a there and back trail).  However, I knew that Jack would not want to ride his bike another two miles, especially since it is uphill.  So I stayed with the kids by the river and watched two trains go by and closely observed three ducks as they were eating dinner.  Once Joe arrived after hiking back and driving the car to the other end we eat a picnic dinner.  It was a happy family night and I think we were all happy that evening!

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