Sunday, February 21, 2016

Update in February

One might think that having several snow days would give me the time to write in my blog, but I have been spending a lot of time working on applications for next year. I feel like Joe and I are in complete chaos trying to make preparations for next year. Both of us have been applying for various positions throughout the country. Talk of moving overseas has happened again. This time with two littles and a dog! Actually, I think it is still a little premature to be moving overseas, but we have not ruled the idea out just yet.

I realized yesterday that my kids are really growing up. I have a five year old and a four year old. How did that happen? I sent then outside yesterday to play in the snow before it disappeared. We all had a snow day, and I was feeling a little trapped with them both running around in the house. We have two modes around here: best friends or enemies. I just knew they needed to get outside for a little bit. So in the afternoon I bundled them up and sent them out in the yard to play. At some point the snow transitioned to rain, so I gave the kids about ten minutes before they decided they needed to come back inside. Either that or they would have been fighting. I was just expecting them to knock on the door (they can't get it open with mittens on), but surprisingly they played together for over an hour. At one point I had to even check on them...could they really be having that much fun in the slushy snow? Apparently so. Jack was a bear in his cave and Ella was a mom. Ha! I am just thankful that they love each other half of the time.

It seems like throughout the day I remember little funny things that they have been doing only to forget when I get on the computer. I need to put updates in mid week to help myself remember. Let's see if I can update a little from last week. It was super cold over the weekend with temperatures hanging around the single digits here in West Virginia. It kept us from playing outside. However, one of our friends invited us over for a playdate on Saturday. I ended up inviting the new family from Spain as well. We had a blast and eat so much food. Something about winter does that to us! I'm just grateful for good friendships. Seriously, living in a small town is the best.

We also had three snow days last week. Our children still had school at their private school which left us home to work on applications and such. Actually Tuesday I did go out to brunch with three of my close girlfriends. I needed that time to just talk to some ladies. It is very therapeutic for me. Just to talk with someone about my concerns. I know Joe might hate it, but I need to get stuff out sometimes!


So I am adding to this post with a little update for the last week. The weather warmed up for a brief moment and got into the 60s yesterday. We went outside and climbed with our friends at Whipperwill. It is a pretty family friendly destination, because the kids play around all the rocks. Every year the lake is drained and this climbing area becomes available in the winter. So it is rocky like the bottom of a lake would but with all the cliff lines around. What is so nice though is that the sun just bakes on all the rocks so it feels awesome in the winter to climb there. I was just happy to get my dose of vitamin D. Then that evening I helped at the 5th/6th grade dance and I brought Ella along. She had a blast and was dancing the entire time. I am just glad she enjoyed herself so much and I think we both had fun.

Overall it has been a good week. Joe and I continue to figure out how to save our money and prep for the future. There are going to be changes in career. I just hope we figure it our smoothly. Last time we moved I felt very solid that I knew it was all going to be okay. I was prayerful and secure in my vision for our future. This time I am a lot more stressed. It just comes at a time when we don't have a lot to fall back on and that makes me nervous. I am learning a lot about myself though and that is what is important I suppose.

Next week I get to take my student council kids on a field trip for three days and I am so excited to be out of the classroom. Seriously, I love these trips. They are fun and educational and I think the students like it too. I will have to report back about all that!

Monday, January 18, 2016

This Past Week

Life has been a little crazy over here at our casa. I was in full swing with work, as I organized a field trip to Winterplace. It was a reward trip for students and they went snow tubing. Then I followed that evening with a 7th/8th grade Snowball dance. I spent the afternoon getting the decorations up and worrying about how many kids would show up to the event. Fortunately, we had a fairly good turnout and the "package" deal was perfect. We walked away with a profit which will be donated to the local food pantry. I am very happy about that. 

Joe had a slightly rougher week. He was frustrated with his classes and it showed. He got a little snippy with them. Once again, he is ready to end his career as a teacher. I don't blame him though, it is a rough job. Kids really do treat us very badly and it can make things rough. So we are back at it with the full discussions about where to move, what work he might be able to do, etc.

Jack and Ella have had a chance to pull out the snowsuits. We got about an inch one day last week and they loved it. They are going to die when it snows five inches later this week. I was thinking about funny things that my kids say and I remembered that Ella always says, "I don't love..." to describe her feelings about things. I recently realized that I have taken on that habit as well. So now I say, "I don't love exercising," or, "I don't love when my classes misbehave." She will tell us that she doesn't love what we make for dinner, or the clothing choices we pick out, or different toys. It really is funny and a perfectly nice way of saying, "this item sucks." ha

Ella will turn four tomorrow. I am super excited for her. I cannot believe that my baby is already four! I have to make about 35 cupcakes today. Some to bring to school and the rest for her party on Saturday. It should be fun. Maybe I can crank those out the same time I am working out. Actually, I set a goal to workout 20 minutes a day, five days a week this month. It has truly been challenging and easy. Once I start it, I realize that 20 minutes is not very long. But some days I just go home from work and that is the last thing I want to do. So far, I have only missed one day...but I had a good reason for was an extremely emotional day!

That's is my short and sweet update for this week...I should have pictures next week from Ella's birthday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Halloween 2015

We had a fun Halloween party at our house this year. I did it for a friend. She always hosts, but this year there was a lot of her plate. So I offered up my home and it was such a big hit and a great turnout. We went trick-or-treating right afterwards in the community. I cannot wait to host again next year...wherever we live!

Road Trip - Summer 2015

We took a family road trip to Colorado and Wyoming this summer. We camped in Rocky Mountain National Park and then followed that up with some time in Wyoming to climb and visit with friends. Then we drove back into Colorado to see other friends. I think our family needed this adventure. Joe and I haven't taken a big trip since we were dating. It was memorable and I think the kids loved it!

Update in February

One might think that having several snow days would give me the time to write in my blog, but I have been spending a lot of time working on ...