Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ella is 9 Months Old

This fall is going way too fast.  Sometimes I am so excited for things to happen that I can't wait for time to pass and I like that we are so busy.  Then other times, when I am being reflective, I realize how quickly my little ones are growing up.  We had to make an unexpected visit to the doctor this week for Ella and I found out that she only weighs about three pounds less that her brother.  She is such a big girl.  Where did my baby go?  So quick and they are all grown up!

Nicknames:  Miss E, Turtle, and Ella Bella

Foods:  We have transitioned from just eating baby food to also trying out finger foods.  She is almost completely not interested in the baby food anymore, because she wants to try and pick up foods instead or try whatever it is that we are eating.  She has tried pasta, peas, rice puffs, cheerios, kixs, yogurt drops, squash, and bread.  Now I have to start thinking about what I can give her from our dinner.  In just a few short months she will be eating the same meals as us!  She still gets four bottles with formula.

Weight: 20.6 pounds.

Temperament:  Ella continues to be a happy baby.  She officially stopped nursing this month.  It was time.  She only nursed for naps, bedtime, and through the night if she woke up.  It was becoming difficult to get her to unlatch and go to sleep in bed.  Plus, I was the only one putting her to sleep.  It just needed to change.  I was sad to lose this little snuggle time, but since then she has gotten into the habit of resting her head on my shoulder for a few minutes before I lay her in the crib.  But she transitioned beautifully.  It only took about one day and she was going to sleep on her own. My mom and Joe have both been able to put her down for naps and bedtime now.  And when she wakes up, she will happily play in the crib until you get her.  Then in is nothing but smiles.  I love it. 

She is definitely curious at this age.  Ella wants to do everything.  I have to baby gate the stairs because she wants so badly to climb up and down.  She likes to play in the toilet bowl so we also have to keep that blocked from her.  I'm almost at the point that I need to baby gate the laundry room, since she has also discovered that there is water in the dog dish as well.  I'm also very lucky that she hasn't had a major separation anxiety yet.  If she is tired and I am right there then she will cry for me to hold her, but fortunately she has been willing to go to anyone and play anywhere.  I'm lucky to have had two children like that.

Items/Toys We Love The Most:I can't think of anything that really sticks out as her favorite right now.  She really likes to climb the stairs.  I think I love the baby food packets, since they make feedings so much easier when we are on the go.  She uses anything and everything as a walker.  I still think that it will take her a while to walk, because of her foot, so using a walker is her best resource to get around.  She will us a person's legs, chairs, toys, the dog, well, anything that will scoot around for her!

First Experiences:  Ella has two teeth now.  The second one came in pretty quickly.  Her smile is great with the addition of two little teeth.  She also had her first night with mommy and daddy away.  My parents came down to watch the kids, while Joe and I went on a climbing trip.  It was only one night, but I heard that she had a great time.  As time passes she is giggling more and more.  Just yesterday I was doing something that she found funny.  Again and again I would do it and she laughed.  That made me happy to see her interaction.  Jack is also able to get a few giggles from her and I love when they are playing together. 


We had our first minor accident this month. We have a floor heater in our house and we have been worried about her trying to crawl on it and getting burned. Even with trying to watch her and teach her that it is hot, we had an accident and she burned the palm of her hand this past Monday. There was a lot of crying and a quick trip to her doctor. I found out it wasn't too bad, but they gave us a little burn cream and wrapped it up. This helped tremendously. She was able to feel the soothing abilities of the cream and relaxed enough to take her morning nap. That afternoon I took the bandage off (she really didn't need it anyways) and she was just fine playing without it. Let's hope it heals well.

I'm looking forward to the next few months as we get to experience a bunch of firsts with her.  Many holidays, vacations, another visit to a doctor for a second opinion on her foot, and hopefully she will walking!

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