Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our First Renovation

So we bought the house, an old house, built in 1896. I expected there to be quirks, and things that would need some TLC, but I guess it was too much to except it to be free of West Virginia ghetto rigging! We are redoing our upstairs bathroom and it was a complete gut job. We are four days into what we were hoping would be a week long renovation (we get all of Thanksgiving week off, because of hunting season). I think we will be lucky if we get the wall up, the bathtub installed, and the start of a tile floor! Nevertheless, it is exciting to think we are going to make this a better place and we love it!
This is a picture of me "Raising the Roof." Basically after we demo-ed the bathroom we found a hole in the ceiling/roof, so before we could really address the bathroom we needed to figure that out and fix the roof that had dropped. So it was a process today. Actually I didn't do much of the work, thanks to my wonderful husband and my dad. I was given the task of pulling out nails on the old trim that we are going to try to salvage. Plus, I pulled staples out of the staircase, for a future project. Tomorrow while they work a little more, I will be making pumpkin pie, jello, and peeling potatoes...for Thanksgiving! I just can't wait to have the final reveal of our bathroom!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bridge Day, New River Gorge

The 3rd Saturday of every October is Bridge Day at the New River Gorge. One thing I have really love about living in Fayetteville is all the festivals and outdoor adventures that we get to experience, but still live in a small town. The highlight of bridge day is the fact that base jumpers come from all over the world to legally jump off the bridge. It is pretty cool to see. However, this year, it was really cold. Unfortunately we missed the first chile cook-off, but I am thinking that I might particpate next year. So here are a few pictures and maybe next year, we will get some visitors in our new house to see the Bridge day festivities too!

I posed in front of this backdrop...doesn't it look like I am going to jump?!

A view from the bridge looking down to the New River.

Can you see where they were jumping in the middle of the bridge?

Base jumpers packing up their parachutes. It is a very careful process. We asked and they said they had hopes of jumping three times. Apparently jumping off this bridge is one of the safer ways to base jump.

My husband is all bundled up because it was freezing outside!

Lots of goodies to eat along the way to the bridge...

Did I not capture the coolest picture ever? He was jumping off with flippers! And below is some video footage of base jumpers. It was a fun, but cold day.

I'm a home owner!

All the paperwork was signed this morning! Joe and I are officially puttinng roots down in West Virginia...who knew this would be the way everything would turn out. We are so excited. And the bonus: I took the day off too! YEAH

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