Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life Goes Up and Down

So they last four or five days have been so crazy. Joe and I moved on Saturday. Everything went off without a hitch. We started unpacking were excited to be in our new place. There were also trips to Walmart, Target, and Costco. And we drove around a lot on the weekend, visiting my brother's friends as well. So on Monday we were excited to get going with furniture shopping (since we have none..not even a mattress). We also decided that we would make plans to look at cars, since we knew we would need a second vehicle.

Well, on our way to the furniture shop, a woman hit our truck! So Monday was a bit stressful. In fact, we did not know if the old 1992 truck our parents just gave us on Friday will be able to pass inspections. It runs fine, but one of the lights are busted. It was definitely bad luck for us as we had high hopes to use it for at least a few years. So that changed our motives and we began looking for cars. After test driving, emailing car dealers, and narrowing it down, we ended up with a vehicle that I would have never expected, a Honda Element. I personally think they are ugly looking, but they do serve a lot of our needs as outdoors people. So I conceded to my husband who was sure that was what he wanted. Then we took the plunge the next day and bought one. At least we were able to get them to bring the price down about 4,000 dollars. I think it was a good deal, but now it is one more payment for us.

Today we found out that they other lady's car insurance will be giving us some money to help with repairs, so that is promising. Plus, I also have some leads on two new positions in the county in History. And I have a lot of people networking for me, which is a good sign. Joe did some networking while he was in the office and so has his principal who I went two weeks ago. So I was feeling really good as I drove around today to drop off my resumes. Then I decided to go to the Social Security office to finally make the name change request.

While I was waiting in line at the offices, I started to black out and next thing you know, I had passed out! I fell smack on the floor and hit my chin on the tile. I am lucky nothing was broken. They called medics to check me out and everything was okay so I did not want to go to the hospital (I am not understand insurance right now....Joe just filled out the paperwork today). I feel fine right now, except for the big swollen bump on my chin! One good thing that came out of it was that I got to jump ahead in the line and get everything taken care of.

Everyday we are doing a little more to feel at home. Joe will start working tomorrow and if all goes well then I hope to be hired soon too. At this point I am playing house and trying to put everything together on a budget. In fact, I kind of like the challenge of looking for things on sale. Let's just hope that I stay well and nothing happens to me again. I have never passed out before, so I don't know what caused it, but I am thinking it was a lack of water and a hot room. So crazy!


Karen said...

Hi Tracy! I'm having a slow day at the office so I decided to read your blog. Sounds like you and Joe are having many adventures. If you are ever in the SF area, please stop by and visit. We have a guest room that you can use and we would LOVE to meet your husband. Keep in touch and stay away from those SS offices!


The Case Family said...

That is so crazy! I hope your chin feels better soon. I am glad you get to play house. It is the best part!

Take Care!

Happy Villain said...

Girrrrrrl, what's up with the fainting?! Are you pregnant?!!!

I'm glad things are starting to fall into place for the two of you and you're adjusting again to married life here. One of my coworkers has an Element and she loves it so much, she should be reimbursed for the praise she gives it. Good luck with the job, the cars, and the chin.

Oh, and welcome back! I thought you were going to be in Prishtina for longer, but it's nice to know you're back in the U.S. :)

Travelin' Tracy said...

Peter-Thanks for checking out my blog. It seems your family has their hands full, with a new house, a job in the city, and two girls! Very exciting. Of course if we ever make it out that way I will get in touch with you. My husband has climbed in Yosemite the last three summers, so it is quite possible you may see both of us one time going to Cali.

Melissa-Yesterday was crazy. The funny thing was that i was so excited because I was making some good contacts for jobs, I found a shower curtain on sale, everything was falling into place. I don't konw where the fainting came in...but I felt it happening and since it had never happened before I thought I could control it. The bump on my chin (which thankfully is not that big) is proof I can't.

HV- Yes, we were supposed to be overseas for two years, but my husband hated we made a big decision to come home. Thankfully he found work and we have relocated again to Charlotte, NC. I like it here, but we have no friends yet and no furniture, and we are so poor. Well, we have savings, but it seems to be dwindling quickly!

AMY_BELL - said...

Um...I'm pretty sure that you're pregnant! Haha, that's what I said and Mom and Gordo. And, I see that you didn't respond to Happy Villain's comment so it must be true and you just don't know it yet. Birth Control has been known to not be 100% effective. Wouldn't that make life a little more interesting :) I do have to say, that if and when that is true, we (and me especially) better know about it before any blog posts go up!!!

Amanda said...

I'm glad you didn't get hurt worse when you fainted! Ouch! A couple years ago I started fainting when I would take showers and my mom kept telling me it must be because I was pregnant - I wasn't. I think I sometimes just got low blood sugar.

Travelin' Tracy said...

Amy- I am not pregnant...I just had Aunt Flo here for a visit.

Amanda- Well, they did check my blood pressure so I don't know. It would be untimedly to have a baby right now, but we would survive.

Taylor's said...

Oh my . . .I can't believe all your luck. I hope it gets better from here on out.

Check Craig's List for your area; you can find good deals on furniture without paying tons! Just a thought!

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