Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ella is 8 Months Old

This is two weeks late, but we have been busy with family visiting and Jack's birthday.  It allowed me to be take a few extra pictures, so I guess that makes it all worth it.  Our little turtle is full of energy.  She is a very squirmy child and doesn't want to sit still.  It is a rare moment when she nestles into my neck and snuggles with me.  It happened tonight as I was putting her to bed.  We are weaning from the breast (which I only use to put her to sleep) and after crying for ten minutes in her crib, I got the snuggle.  I probably should have put her down a minute earlier, but I just wanted to cherish that feeling of having a little baby in my arms.  I am going to miss that. 
 There was a pregnant lady at church this Sunday and I was thinking that I miss being pregnant.  I certainly don't miss all the sleepless nights and if I take the time to really think about pregnancy I can remember all the discomforts, but I am totally one of those women who can be pregnant.  I really loved it and will forever miss those little baby kicks.  So as I think about that, I must say I love my little Ella so very much and already ache in my heart knowing that she will grow up and not be a baby forever.
(Ella has the cutest pout ever! I hope she always does this when she cries...it is so exaggerated.)
Nicknames:  Ella Bella, Turtle, Hazel Nut
Foods: She has figured out how to pick up foods with her fingers.  So I have been giving her rice puffs and dried yogurt. I am looking forward to the day when she can also eat some of our food, but I think she needs a few more teeth.  So I don't think she has really tried any new fruits or veggies, just the finger foods.
Temperament:  She continues to be a happy baby.  I love that she wakes up in a good mood after naps and in the morning.  I often hear her playing in the crib and when I walk into the room she is full of smiles.  It is a happy change, since her brother always wakes up grumpy.  However, she is also exhorting her interest in toys.  If someone takes a toy away from her then she will scream and get upset.  It must be her way of showing displeasure at such a young age.  I think it is probably common to see that in second children.  Other than the occasional boo boo, she is happy and content to explore her surroundings.  This ability to move and pull up on furniture has given her so much happiness.  I really do believe kids are happier when they have some mobility and she is no exception.  Although, this does make it hard to get her into the car seat at times...I guess we can't have both, right?
Items/Toys We Love The Most:  Ella has also been the type of kid that is happy with anything.  She would be content with a cardboard box or even a magazine that she could rip into tiny pieces.  In fact she has never had much interest in the electronic toys.  I'm glad for that since it means less batteries to replace.  Let's see, she seems to love mommy a lot right now.  Welcome to the clingy phase.  I don't think Jack ever did this, but Ella will cry whenever I walk away from her and if someone is holding her they need to distract her because she will cry for me.  Following Jack around is also a favorite for her.  He doesn't love it, but he is sharing, because I force him to.  The baby walker is getting some use since she is learning to move a little more standing up. 
First Experiences:  I was so excited because Ella finally got her first tooth. Well, it was bittersweet.  I love a gummy grin, but it was just so cute to see her smile with one tooth.  I finally got a few pictures for you to see.  However, it didn't take much time for the second tooth to arrive and now there are two!  She has handled it well.  There is very little crying and complaining, but she does wake up once a night for a few days while it is breaking through.  Ella has also mastered the stairs.  She has attempted for two months now, but we definitely have to keep the baby gate up since she will automatically go for the stairs if we don't gate it.  She can make it all the way to the top too.  So every day I let her practice and I stand behind her.  Jack will race her and make it to the top so fast that she is screaming at him as she works her way up.  He will laugh at her from the top. It really is cute!

Joe and I are planning a weekend away this next month.  It will be her first time away from me for more than 24 hours.  I trust my parents to take good care of them, but I worry about her putting up a fight.  Fortunately my mom is amazing with children and knows just what to do. I will probably just have to remind myself of that.  She is getting so big and I love having a little girl...how could I have ever wanted two boys?  She is the perfect addition to our family.



Dav said...

What a cute little girl!

Travelin' Tracy said...

Thanks Dav...it's been a while since we have kept in touch. I hope you are doing well. Are you still in Kentucky? I'm in WV and loving it!

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