Friday, February 17, 2012

Recent Renovations

The house we live in is a work in progress...with every room. This past August we tackled two new rooms, the living room and the sun room attached, which we call the office. We are still working on the office, since it needs blinds and the office table, but don't the walls and the crown molding look good? This is the office above and the living room below.

Joe has also taken on the task of creating a third bedroom so we have a place for guests without having to kick out the baby. It is still not complete and he has been working on it since the beginning of December. It was probably our second largest project in this house (the bathroom took the most work and money). However, it is very near the end. All we have left to do is install the ceiling fan, the baseboards, and the window treatments. This room has come a long way. I am going to have to search for the before pics, but you can see them on this post of yore!


Michelle said...

That looks amazing Tracey!! You've made me want to pull up my sleeves and just start painting!!

Taylor's said...

Seriously you guys sure do have an eye for "a diamond in the rough" Your house is darling, full of character! Most of all you two have turned it into a HOME and a beautiful one!

I wish I had the dedication you guys have . . . my baseboards have been taped for months now and I have yet to get out the paint and put on a fresh coat!

PS Kate's surgery is March 15th; so it is just keeping her healthy until Surgery that I am finding stressful!

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