Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ella at One Month

It is hard to believe that one month has passed with Ella in our lives. It has been a busy month, full of doctor's appointments and family visiting. We are still getting our bearings with feeding, play time, and a daily routine with Jack. She definitely enjoys being held, and with feedings that last up to an hour, it seems like she has taken a lot of my time. However, I am so happy to have our complete family all together. I just keep thinking that Jack is going to have so much fun with her when she is about six months old. He is at such a fun age and sometimes I almost wish I could fast forward Ella to that age. However, I also want to cherish this time with a little one, whose needs are so simple and easy to manage.

Here are the stats for the week! Enjoy
Nicknames: Little Missy, Turtle, Hazel Nut

Weight: 7 lb. 5 oz. It has been a slow start, but she is picking up in weight. I have officially given her a bottle. We are still breastfeeding at the moment, while supplementing with formula. The bottle is given after each breastfeeding and it feels much easier to me. I think breastfeeding is harder in general not just because of my own complications, so I really appreciate the bottles...it makes the whole process faster.

Temperament: It still feels like Ella cries a lot, but I think that is because she likes to be held all the time. I don't remember if Jack was like that or if it is just her age and she will gain more independence with time. We shall see. I still find it to be such a cute cry though! She is awake more now so that means more time that I am trying to put her down. She is getting very curious and looking at the world around her. I think she is especially interested in Jack. He doesn't stay still for very long, but she when can, she is all eyes on him, studying his face. I can't wait for her first smile!

First/New Experiences: Last Saturday we organized a family climbing trip. It was awesome, because the weather was fantastic (at least at the beginning of the day). There were several babies and toddlers, with lots of parental support, so it made for a fun day outside. It was Ella's first time experiencing the outdoors, but I think she enjoyed it. I just read in Parents magazine that infants know the difference between the indoors and the outdoors and that they enjoy the change in scenery. This was very much true with Jack, who loves to be outside. Ella pretty much slept, but I have decided to take that as a good sign since we didn't have a huge cry fest (those happen everyday in our house).

Now, my task for the second month of her life is to take more pictures. Especially pictures that capture her cute little pout, or of her looking at her big brother. I look forward to warmer weather so we can bring her outside more everyday too. Plus, now that she is growing she will be wearing more clothes (I only had about five newborn outfits and the 0-3 were all huge on her). It should be a good next month...maybe I will be lucky and get more sleep too?

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