Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ella at 3 Weeks Old

I have lost my camera charger at the moment, which is also the way that I upload photos. So this post will be short on the pictures, but as I was taking a shower this morning I was trying to think of all the things that I want to remember about Ella at this age. I was pondering over her differences from Jack. So that is what I want to write about. I will also give some stats too, just as an update.
* This is the picture we used for her birth announcement, which went out into the mail this week!

Nicknames: Ella Bella, Hazelnut, Little Turtle (this is her new nickname, because she has this way of stretching out her neck when she cries and she looks like a little turtle when she is all swaddled up in a blanket).

Weight: 7 lbs. After making two trips to the doctor this week we saw her weight start to pick up again! I'm still supplementing and I probably will need to do this for at least another month. I have decided that I will wean her off the formula after I know that she has reached 10 lbs. to be sure she is growing properly. I feel like I have been lucky to enjoy a tiny baby for a whole month, which is nice when you realize they grow so fast.

Temperament: Ella seems to be more awake everyday. In fact, I am always trying to find time that I can safely put her on a blanket or playmat without Jack hurting her. She loves to look around. It is great to see her curiously looking around the room.

She still has a fierce cry. I took her to the grocery store last night and she decided that she only wanted to be held or she was going to scream. That was definitely different that Jack, since he was always so easy to bring shopping. Even though her cry can be grinding to my ears, she also has some cries that I absolutely love. For example, after she has cried really hard she has this exasperated cry, as if it is so much work and it makes me smile every time I hear it. And sometimes shevcb just makes a little small pout like she was thinking about crying but then just decided against it.

For the most part although she is fussy and likes to be held, I have noticed that when she falls asleep, she is a super solid sleeper. I'm very thankful about that since Jack was and is still not a good sleeper. She likes to sleep on her side and I have noticed she seems much happier when she is on her side. Is this a crime that I like to let her sleep on her side? I figure we have about four months before she rolls over and wants to sleep on her stomach anyways. Oh and as for being held, I think she loves that more than Jack. In fact, I think Jack has always been quite independent and could play by himself so well. Maybe that was because he was not held very much his first few days of life. Ella, however, is happiest in someone's arms at all times.

We love her to pieces and are so glad that she is now part of our family. I look forward to all the months of seeing her develop and bond with each member of our family. It is great to be her mom.

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