Saturday, February 25, 2012

Parenting Ups & Downs

I read a really wonderful blog, Jen Loves Kev, about a family that had a child two weeks before I had Jack. It has truly been fun to read her posts about parenting and has given me inspiration in my own parenting ways. So, when I saw her series about parenting ups and downs, I decided I wanted to copy that. I may not do it every week like her, but on occasion, it will be great! Here goes my first one!
1. I love putting together outfits for Ella. I knew if I ever had a little girl I was going to have too much fun with her clothes and accessories....and I already am. Don't you just love her color blocking outfit above? Joe always gave me a hard time when I used the leg warmers on Jack, but I have a feeling he won't mind so much with Ella. Hopefully I don't waste money on accessories for Ella, but it is just going to be so much fun.

2. I have enjoyed my one-on-one time with Jack. I have realized how important it is for me to give him some time when Ella is napping. We run around the house and dance to music. It makes me so happy to see him laughing. This week I made it a focus to listen to more music during the day and on Wednesday I picked him up and danced with him to hip hop music. He was so giddy and I couldn't help but be happy too.

3. Breast feeding has gotten so much better this week. I finally decided to not stress out about supplementing. I would like to give her just breast milk, but it will be a while before I can reduce the supplementing, otherwise it can affect her weight again. So I have continued, but instead of using a syringe while breast feeding, I have decided to allow her to feed from the breast first and then get a bottle. It has made life so much easier for me. Not only because Joe can help with the bottles, but it means my nipples are not so sore and it just feels easier. I am enjoying this stage and have decided that if this is all I can do then I am so happy with myself for giving her this breast milk.


1. We gave Jack a hair cut this morning with the clippers and he HATED it. Joe or I had to basically hold his head in place while he was crying uncontrollably. I wanted to give up, but after you start with a haircut you can't stop. I feel like we have probably damaged him when it comes to haircuts and he is always going to be afraid.

2. Taking Jack anywhere can be really difficult. We went to a mommy/baby meet-up this week and he was getting into every. At the outdoor store, he decided to pull down all the socks and sandals. At the grocery store he kept trying to stand up in the cart to grab at things. Teaching him that they are boundaries in life has been really hard.

3. Ella sleeps in bed with me for half of the night. I know I need to transition her into her crib for the whole night, otherwise I may never get to normally sleep in my bed. Right now we are already dealing with Jack in our bed and I don't want the same thing to happen with Ella. I feel so weak-sauce with night time routines.

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