Monday, February 7, 2011

Stair Renovations aka. The Quick Fix

So we have been working a lot of updating and improving our 100 year old house. It has definitely had its surprises for us, with wiring and old style dry walls. For the most part we have finished renovating the upstairs in our home. We completely gutted the bathroom, painted the bedrooms, leveled out the hallway floor, and put up new drywall. This new drywall was actually put up in the upstairs hallway all the way downstairs into the entryway and through the dining room. So have uncompleted stairs was a big eyesore for us. The stairs probably deserve to be replaced, but with our budget being saved to renovate the kitchen we just wanted something to make them look better. So we painted them!
I love how it came out. So we painted the front doors (we have two) to match. It allowed for a more cohesive look through out and green looks a lot better on the doors. However, Joe is not so in love with the green color. He wants to change it, but we have already had friends over for a visit and they liked the green. So maybe I can convince him that we need to keep it the way it is. Let me know what you think!

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Unknown said...

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