Monday, February 21, 2011

Jack is 5 Month's Old

It is amazing to me that Jack has been with us for almost a half a year already. He is such a joy and a very happy baby. Developmentally he has grown up a lot this month too. Maybe that is why his sleeping patterns are also changing (ugh!). I have loved being a mom and Jack makes it even more fun, because he is starting to hug and snuggle a little more. I think this is the age where a mother develops her sense of unconditional love, because the baby is so dependent on her. Here are a few of the great things that have happened this month.

Nicknames: Peanut, Little Man, Wiggle Worm
Temperament: He continues to make lots of noises. Sometimes when I am playing the piano he will make sounds...I think he is singing. Lately he has been fighting sleep. He will easily fall asleep in my arms, but does not always want to sleep when just put in the crib. He has learned to wiggle out of his swaddles too, so it looks like we will be learning new sleeping patterns during his fifth month. He continues to be a happy baby though, and laughs more each day. Jack laughs a lot for his dad, especially when Joe tickles him. I have even seen Jack laugh at Bodhi, our dog. When my parents were here, he was giggling at my mom when she put him on the changing table. And he still gives away lots of smiles when we are out in public.

Another thing that is changing is his eating schedule. For a long time he was content to have a 6oz. bottle about every four hours. Now there are times when he won't eat for long period of time, so I have learned to increase the amount to about 7 oz. at each feeding.

Items/Toys That We Love The Most: Jack is definitely starting to show favorites. He still really likes, Mike the Moose. If you put a bunch of toys on a blanket, he will gravitate towards that. He has also started using the jumper that my mom bought at a yard sale. His feet barely touch the ground, but he still uses them to hop a little bit. The Ergo baby carrier has seen a lot of good use lately, since the weather has warmed up (lots more climbing trips). Fingers and toes also make for great entertainment. Jack will often reach for his feet to pull the socks off or suck on his toes. And of course, he loves to suck on his cute chubby fingers!

First Experiences: It took a few months, but Jack is finally rolling from his back to his stomach. He still does not know how to get back onto his back, but that doesn't stop him from flipping over and then whining for someone to help him out. Of course, right after you help him out, then he does it again right away. Forget about doing the dishes or folding laundry!

We also decided to try rice cereal. I was going to wait until he was five months, but his curiosity when we ate, made me decide that he was ready to try it out. He will stop what he is doing and just stare at us eating, as if he is studying the way to chew food. So every evening I get a little rice cereal mixed with his formula and try it out. He makes faces and most of it still rolls down his chin, but he is started to get more of the spoon in his mouth each time. I can't wait to start giving him vegetables and fruit (I need to do some research and find out how long I should wait to try that).

We also had our first getaway without Jack. My parents drove down on the weekend before Valentine's Day so that Joe and I could enjoy some alone time. I knew he was in good hands with my parents, but I was so worried that he would cry and stay up all night. Thankfully he was great. I am not even sure if he missed me?

At his last doctor's visit he weighed a little over 14 lbs. I would assume he has gained at least another pound. He was around 25 inches, so he is getting bigger too. We are looking forward to warmer months ahead, with more play dates at the park and mommy can take Jack for morning jogs.

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