Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pinterest Ideas

It seems like everyone now has a pinterest page now.  Well, at least a lot of the crafty people I know are doing it.  I have been pinning ideas for a few years now, but I thought it might be fun to add some of my ideas into a blog post.  I would love to decorate more for the holidays, but Joe just looks at that stuff as clutter.  I have yet to find the right mix of decorating for a holiday and making it feel like it is meant to be there.

I am also sort of waiting until we are fully finished with working on our house.  I feel like it will make a HUGE difference once we have a kitchen that works better for us.  I crave a kitchen that is the heart of our home.  Right now it is just the place that we make food.  You cannot concregate there since there is no room.  We can't even open the fridge door all the way.  In fact, once we have that completed we will be so close to the end.  Then we only have two more rooms to do.  I am hoping as well to eliminate a lot of extra clutter in the next year or so as well.  We are going to have a yard sale next spring to get rid of some furniture that we don't use anymore and also a lot of baby stuff.  That will be so nice.

In the meantime, I was thinking since I am not really decorating for holidays, maybe I could just do one thing. Put a wreath or decoration on the door. So over the course of a year I am going to make that my crafting project. I plan to make some for each season or special holidays. And I figured I could start by at least coping some of my pin ideas onto the blog to get me started!

Fall Wreath Idea

Halloween Idea...I know it is a picture frame, but I thought I could use the same concept on a wreath!

Christmas Wreath...I like the frame, since it is something a little different!

Spring Wreath.  I will probably add a bow as well.

Easter Wreath Idea, spray paint the eggs a robin's blue and glue them on.  I love the idea!
Of course something patriotic during the 4th is important and I like that this ribbon wreath is something different.
I love this idea for a summer wreath by using an old book to make a sunflower.  I might even try to use some paint too.

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