Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parenting Ups And Downs

Parenting Downs:

1.  School has started again and we are trying to get ourselves back into some sort of a routine.  I decided, foolishly, that we would eliminate Jack's pacifier on the first day of school.  Since Joe was gone and I thought it would be easier once we were on a routine...nope.  It was a mistake and so hard.  We had a grueling first week at trying and I think since then I have caved about three times since.  It is for my sanity!  I keep telling him though, that when he turns two years old that it will mean no more pacifier at all (not even at bed time).  I just know that is going to be so hard.  Seriously, why didn't I get rid of it at 6 months?

2.  Ella has learned how to pull up on furniture.  This is great and super exciting to think that it won't be long before she starts to walk, but she still doesn't know how to get back down.  So even though she gets better at it every day, we still have a baby that falls and bumps her head at least once or twice a day.  This has been the hardest in her learning process and let me tell you, that girl can scream when she wants to.

3.  Jack has really bonded with daddy lately.  It might be a developmental stage, but he seriously loves spending time with Joe.  He wants to do everything with Joe.  I'm not good enough to feed him, snuggle him, or put him to bed.  Jack also entered the phase of crying when daddy leaves for work.  He truly misses him when he is gone.  It has also made it hard to do the bed time routine, because I know he just wants daddy to do it and usually Joe is tired or out late climbing.  I must admit that I have let him stay up a little late recently just so he could see his daddy and give him a night time kiss.

Parenting Ups:

1.  I love getting kisses from my little ones.  Jack has also decided to be a kisser.  He loves to come up to me when he is playing and kiss me right on the lips.  I think it is because he has finally figured out that kisses are not open mouth and he makes the cutest little pucker sound.  I will take as many as he is going to give me, because I realize one day he won't want to hug or kiss me.  And whenever we say good bye to someone (whether they are a stranger or not) he likes to blow kisses.  It can be entertaining to see when we are in the checkout line at the grocery store.  I just love that he is making someone smile!

2.  Ella is an amazing eater.  She has really taken to solid foods well.  I don't remember it being so easy with Jack.  I don't know if he was picky or if I just didn't give him enough early on.  She just does well.  There is very little mess and she pretty much likes any food that she tries.  It is nice to eat as a family lately.  I guess that just means it is time to buy her a high chair too.  She is also a good sleeper and we are starting to hit a phase where I can just put her in the crib and she goes to sleep.  Hooray!

3. Jack is learning new words everyday.  In fact I almost have to be careful what I say.  Yesterday he mimicked me after I said, "oh man" while changing a poopy diaper.  It really does make you laugh to hear your kids use the same tone.  I love that silly kid!  Honestly as hard as the toddler years can be, they are so much fun too.  He is very proud of himself to learn new things and gets so excited.  I have attached a few pictures from our recent family outting at the lake.  We rented some standup paddle boards (which are awesome) and he enjoyed the ride.  A lot.  Maybe he needs one for himself soon...

There is a reason why bubbo seats are being recalled to add a this video to see what I mean!

 The boys were playing in the garden after watering it. I was wondering why they were so quiet and playing so well, until I got closer and saw there hands!
 Jack is the ultimate helper.  He was cooking with me, something that we do a lot.  He pulls a chair over and we carefully find ways that he can help cook.
 Ella and I at the North Carolina aquariam back in July.

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