Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ella is 7 Months Old

 Nicknames:  Ella Bella, Wiggle Worm, Hazel Nut, and Turtle

Weight/Height:  I haven't been to the doctor in a month, so I'm not sure, but I would assume she has gained a pound or two.  That means she will be close to 18 or 19 lbs.

Foods:  Some new foods that she has tried are mango, avocado (she really hated this one), ice cream (opps), zucchini, prunes, and I think that might be it.  We have also increased her formula to 8 oz. at four times a day, but she seems to be not finishing her bottles lately.  Maybe we need to go back to 7 oz. at each feeding.  I'm still nursing and waiting for Ella to hold a bottle by herself completely.  She can do it, but chooses not to. 

Temperament: Ella is starting to really become a social baby.  She loves to interact with kids and also giggles when they give her their attention.  She also loves to squirm around and basically she won't sit still for anyone if she wants to crawl around.  It has almost been humorous to see people at church try to hold her when she wants to get down.  She will wiggle all around their arms into different positions until they realize that she just doesn't want to be held. Ella still cries a lot, but it is usually because she falls and bumps her head.  At this stage she is trying to pull up on furniture and doesn't know how to get back down.  So it can be frustrating since you will go comfort her and then immediately she pulls up on furniture again.  However, I must say that today she was doing so much better and getting back down onto her knees before falling.  Her learning curve is so fast that I figure it won't take long for her to figure that out. 

 Items/Toys That We Love The Most:  Ella never has seemed to need specific toys.  She is happy to play with a cardboard box, or basically anything that Jack has in his hands at the moment.  So nothing really sticks out to me right now.  I am already noticing though that we need to watch her for different things.  She likes to put things in her mouth and Jack was never as bad.  She would put twigs, rocks, chalk, paper, books, toys, nuts, or anything in her mouth.  Some of them have already been in her mouth so I really have to watch her.  Just being able to crawl makes her happy.  So I guess I have to say, we love a solid surface right now!

First Experiences:  It seems like it took a few days of crawling before Ella was trying to pull up onto furniture.  She really wants to walk.  Her desire is so strong that I really think it will happen soon.  Maybe we will have a walker at 9 months?  Who knows, but at this point she really loves being able to stand up and gets so excited. 

We also had a family day at the lake last week.  She stayed on ground, except for the last three minutes.  I sat her on my lap for a brief trip on the stand up paddle board.  For the wiggle worm that she is, I was amazed at how still she was.  I think she liked it and was trying to figure out the sensation of floating in the water.  It was fun to be able to have her enjoy the adventure that we had been having the whole morning.

I also decided to get a second opinion on her foot.  After having mixed responses from the pediatric orthopedist in Morgantown, I have decided it is time to find out if there is something more that can be done.  He said that she would walk like Charlie Chaplin for a few years (who knows how long) and then it would straighten out.  He also told us it would straighten out after a month.  Our pediatrician is worried since that means that she could have hip issues as an adult since she will be standing with those bones on her whole leg pointing to the side.  This has made me nervous as she is already pulling up on furniture, but there is nothing that I can do.  So I basically do stretches and am waiting for this appointment with a doctor in Northern Virginia, which will be on October 31st.  I assume she will be walking at this point, but at least we will be able to see how she is standing and developing.  I will of course give more updates with time.

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