Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Weeks Old

Okay, I won't post pictures and and update for every week he is born, but I figure that the first month is sort of momentous, so I will be writing a little about the events from the past week. So lets mom left at the end of the second week. As I mentioned before, it was great to have her here. She allowed me to enjoy my time with Jack and take naps when I needed to. I was able to rely on her for the laundry, dinner, and she even broke down my garden for the end of the season. I think she also enjoyed being able to cuddle with her grandson and going to his first doctor's appointment.

This week we got the hang of our nights and our days. About halfway through the second week we were officially on a routine. Jack was eating every three hours on the dot...not because I wanted him to, but he just got cranky right at those times. And he was sleeping more at night in his own bed. So I was feeding him at 10pm, 1pm, and 4pm with sleep in between. This was a lot easier for me and has made me a lot happier. It was getting so hard, because I didn't want the nighttime to come, since I knew I was going to be up all night long. I'm just glad he is finally on a schedule and I just remind myself that it is a phase and there will be a day when we get to sleep through the night too. One of my friends gave us great advice, that I think made a big difference. She said after each feeding during the day we should try to keep Jack up for at least 10 minutes. That would help him to identify the days and make sure to give a calm and darkened setting for the night. After trying that for a day, he seemed to sleep better at night. I also started swaddling him more tightly, which I also think was a life saver!

He had his first doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Thankfully, he already gained weight and was 8 lbs. 05 oz. but I'm not surprised, since he always seemed like a big eater to me! The doctor said he was looking good, so he does not have another visit until the end of this month. This was also the week that he had his first bath, since the umbilical cord and the circumcision stuff fell off. I actually think he likes bath time so it will make for a nice part to our evening routines. I will have to take bath time pictures or maybe even a video sometime soon. I also started making a bedtime routine. Every other day there is a bath, he gets his pajamas on, story time, and then his last feeding for the day.

I feel like he is more and more aware of his surroundings everyday. He stays awake more and looks around the room. We find ourselves falling in love with him more and more each day too.
Oh, the cat still does not know how to feel about the baby. She is afraid and pretty much keeps her distance! I still need to write about the birth experience and even though I took pictures last week, I was not happy with them. I would like to find a good one for sending out in the mail...We will see!

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Gosh he is handsome!

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