Monday, October 25, 2010

Jack at 4 Weeks Old

Nicknames: Bean, Wiggle Worm, Pumpkin

Temperament: He is more and more aware of his surroundings. It has been fun to take him for walks as he looks at all the leaves and the sky. He went on his first road trip, up to the Morgantown area. Dad had a leadership training and we came along for fun. The first night he did not want to sleep. He also seems to be sucking on his fingers more and more each day.

Items/Toys We Love The Most: Since I have noticed that Jack is more coherent, I started to bring out toys to attach to his car seat and bouncy chair. My friend, Stephanie, made a baby sling for me and we have been using that a lot around the house. His pacifiers still champs most things so I always make sure I have two whenever I leave the house!

First/New Experiences: As I mentioned before, we took our first family trip. It was only two hours from home, but I made sure to over pack on diapers and wipes. Trying to figure out his formula set up was probably the biggest obstacle. He didn't adjust well the first night, but was much better the second night. My mom and sister also came for a visit and he was able to experience his first bridge day event. Fortunately the weather was wonderful so we spent the afternoon walking out to the bridge to see base jumpers depart off the bridge. He also got to experience his first cloth diaper. I think they look so cute, even though they are more bulky!

We are hoping to get to a point where we can take him climbing soon. I am feeling better everyday. I look forward to the family outing when we can climb. I need to get back into exercising soon! I have also noticed that Jack is smiling a lot more during the day and not just when he is dreaming. I can't quite tell if he responds to my voice, but I'm trying to remember to enjoy every minute with him when he is this little. I can already tell that he has grown. I wonder what he will look like in another month? I also feel more comfortable as a mother. It is a great feeling to know that I have this little person that I get to help and comfort each and every day! Boy, do we love our little Jack!

** Don't you love the Halloween costume that I put together. I bought that baby onesie when I first found out I was having a boy. The face mask was actually from the hospital (from the jaundice days, they had to cover his eyes) and since we were sent home with two of them, I put one in the scrapbook and cut out the eye holes from this one for his costume! He is so cute!


Krista Cook said...

Tracy! How wonderful. I just decided to check your blog. It's exciting to see your new addition. Congratulations on motherhood! Welcome to the rollercoaster (a fun ride). When do we get to see eachother?

Taylor's said...

Oh Traci - can I be the kind of Mom you are?

He is absolutely perfect!

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