Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ella is 20 Months Old

So life has definitely gotten in the way of writing any blog posts.  The last time I wrote anything was back in May (before I started working).  After that I took up a part time job at a local restaurant for some extra money and then I found out in August that there was an open position in the county so I went back to work as a teacher.  That transition all happened in a matter of two weeks...which meant finding daycare and adjusting to a whole new schedule!  Oh, and throw in a kitchen renovation at the same time.  I think we did a pretty good job enjoying the summer even with all the craziness!

I have been wanting to write up an update, but I just haven't had any time to really sit down.  Then I thought about it on my drive home from church that is why I am in front of the computer.

She has truly started to grow up.  I am always surprised by how many words she can say.  Basically she is able to repeat almost anything we say, and she is already starting to put two words together.   She is a very happy little girl.  Usually she is in the best of spirits.  However, she is also very sneaky.  She loves to take things from Jack, as if she knows this will drive him crazy.  She also has learned to hit, bite, push, and be aggressive towards her brother.  It is like a love/hate relationship between the two of them.  I am hoping that one day they will grow out of the constant back and forth and we might go a few days with a little bit of joy in the house!

Recently Ella has become quite interested in her baby dolls.  She likes to lay them all on the floor together and put a blanket over them.  I think she has motherly instinct about her.  It is really cute to watch.  I see a lot of barbies and a doll house in our future!  She also loves animals, especially puppies and cats.  I think she will be an animal lover, because she has such and interest in all kinds of animals.  The last trip to the zoo was really fun, because she was so interested and captivated by them.

She really loves to read books.  However she still doesn't sit in our laps for long (unless it is her favorite book).  Mostly she likes to pick out a book and pretend to read it herself.  Ella loves to go for walks in the stroller and often climbs up into the seat, to let you know she is ready to go. 

I think she is more curious than Jack.  I feel like I'm always trying to get her out of a mess, like the liter box.  She loves to pull all of the clothes out of the dresser in her room.  Or everything from my wallet.  She is not having fun unless she is making a mess.

Ella has always been an eater and she continues to be that way even as a toddler.  Sometimes she is picky, but usually she is game for anything we give her.  The only thing I can think of that she doesn't like is milk.  She will eat cheese, yogurt, and any other dairy, but not milk.  They try to give it to her at daycare, but she just doesn't like it.  So I have to remind them to give her water all the time. 

What else can I say? Well she has a devilish side too. She loves to annoy her brother. She already knows how to push his buttons.  She takes his shoes, touches him while they are both sitting for a meal, steals his food, basically if he says no then she will keep doing it.  They love each other tremendously, but they fit relentlessly too.

We started daycare about a month ago and she is doing so well there. No more crying when I leave in the morning, however I don't think she gets long enough naps. So on Saturdays they usually last about four hours. Poor baby!

I love my baby girl with all my heart. I am so grateful for a little girl in my life. I think if I had two boys I would always have wished for her in my life. I am so glad she is with me and I get to help her grow into a beautiful, strong, and self confident woman.

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Lois said...

LOVE IT Tracy!!! Can't wait to read more.

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