Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Something I Don't Say Enough...

I know that I can bicker with Joe a lot. I can be naggy and annoying with my demands.  I know I expect a lot of him as a father and a husband.  I know that he has a lot of things he wants to do and finds a hard time to juggle it all.  And I know that I don't tell him enough that he is doing a good job.  He is a good husband and father.  I should do less complaining and more celebrating of all that he does that is good.  And even though Mother's Day is this weekend, I think we are overdue for a little post about ten great things he does as a dad and husband!

10. I appreciate his mad cooking skills.  All those jobs working as a server or cook have come in handy, because he had a good sense of taste and often puts together the most delicious meals.

9.  He has started to take Jack with him on his climbing days and Jack really loves it.  I know it is awesome for Jack to have that one on one time with him, but it is also great for me to have some one on one time with Ella. 

8.  Last night Jack wasn't feeling good and just wanted to be held.  I had a hard time with that, because if I sat and held him then Ella only wanted to sit with us too, but she was squirmy.  He just needed some comfort and Joe willing sat with him for about two hours.  I think it was exactly what Jack needed.

7. Often times Ella wakes up very early in the mornings.  She usually likes to eat right away and Jack and I don't mind waiting a while to eat.  Joe is almost always sitting down with her and eating breakfast with her.  I think they bond over that early meal!

6. He is great at reading books to the kids.  He often asks questions or points out different images in the books.  It is really great for their learning and he probably doesn't even realize he is doing it.

5. Joe oftens pushes our family outside for hikes and trips.  I always enjoy going, but I am horrible about initiating it. I truly believe our kids will love being in the outdoors because their father has harbored an deep interested in God's world around us.

4.  It really makes me smile when he gives the kids a bath and pretends to have all the water toys jumping off pretend diving boards (i.e. the shower head).  They LOVE it and watch him in awe.

3.  I have realized that I lack patience with my kids at night time.  I just don't do well when I haven't slept good.  Sometimes we bring Jack into our bed and I always complain and get frustrated with Jack when he kicks me.  Joe doesn't like it either, but he never complains and just lets Jack smother him or snuggle right up to him.  It can be very precious to see in the mornings and I know that Jack is bonded to him in a very special way.  Secretly I think Joe also likes the cuddling a little bit too!

2. Our family comes first, even though it might not feel like that to me sometimes, I know that his children and wife are extremely important to him.  He wants the best of all of us and works hard to try and make that happen.  Actually family has always been important to him and that is one reason I fell in love with him. 

1.  "Dear God" I always say a prayer with Jack before he goes to bed at night and I think Jack expects that in his bedtime routine.  So Joe will pray with him, but he prays different.  I always say, Heavenly Father and he says Dear God.  I know that daddy is the favorite, because whenever I put Jack to bed he says, "I like Dear God."  He wants to be just like his daddy!

Joe, we all love you very much! xoxo

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