Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brain Dump

I have a bunch of random things I want to post about...here they are:

1.  Last night when I put Jack to bed I said, "I love you sweetie" and he said, "I love you sweetie."  He is just too cute.  And on a good note, he is staying in his bed without us having to lock the door...three days in a row.  We just remind him that he needs to stay in his bed and if he gets up then we will lock the door.  And he is sleeping until about 4:30 or 5am and then we do let him in our bed then...but it is much better than before!

2.  We went home for Easter weekend and it was so great to see all the family.  I really think Jack and Ella were in family heaven.  I captured some really cute video footage...but this might be one of my favorites.  It was when Ella was napping and we were waiting to have our Easter meal.

3.  I have been wanting to do this project for a while now and finally got to it!  We made an art wall for the kids...and I am in love!
4.  Ella is out of control...she is into everything.  She moves everywhere and wants to be a part of everything.  I really feel like she has more energy than Jack did at this age.  I am probably just not remembering correctly, but she is so active.  She has already learned to climb onto the dining room table.  So when she does it, then Jack does it.  Sometimes it feels like they are controlling me!
5.  However, she is learning lots of new words and that is so cute too.  She can officially say...mama, dada, papa, ball, dog, wow. 
And here are some pictures and video from Easter weekend!  Enjoy


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