Thursday, August 11, 2011

National Zoo

We just returned home from a two week trip to visit family in Virginia. Of course, we kept extremely busy seeing friends and family, but planned a few trips in as well. It seems like every trip to VA we are running errands as well, since there are stores that we cannot get to at home. This trip was nice since it was so lengthy, it allowed us to do almost everything we wanted to do. One of the outings was at the National Zoo. In fact, Jack and I went there twice (once with my mom and once with my sister and husband). Here are the pictures from both trips. I must admit it was super fun as we left in the morning when it was still fairly cool outside and left around 1pm before we were too sweaty.

When I went to the zoo with my mom, I happened to experience one of the most humorous and gross "mom moments." I had pulled Jack out of his stroller to see the lion family playing and as I held him up, he was leaning against my chest. It didn't take long for me to smell that he had a poopy diaper so as I was pulling away, I looked down and saw a big poop spot on my chest. It had smooshed up and onto my shirt! Of course, my mom was laughing as I looked over at her and said, "Mom, help me!" I just wanted a wipe to clean up the poop on my clothes first.

Thankfully she helped me as we worked our way over to a bench and stripped Jack down to nothing and wiped him up. I didn't realize there was a big spot showing on my shirt until I saw the pictures below! Oh well. We survived and I could at least laugh it off. I guess that is what motherhood is all about!

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AMY_BELL - said...

He looks very West Virginia with his cut off sleeves :)

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