Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Grandpa Has Skills

Last year about a month before Christmas I was wishing that I could have a better trash can than an ugly plastic one. Years ago my parents needed a trash can that would fit the largest trash bags so my grandpa made one for them with a carving on top. So I got the idea for him to make one for me, but I did not need it for a big trashbag (that would suck to carry outside). I gave him a trash bag for measurements and asked for a tree with an owl sitting in the branches. So for Christmas that is exactly what he gave us and it is darling. Now, little did he know I was hoping for a carved tree with a carved owl, instead he painted ours. I think he did not have the time to do a carving. However, it has become a trend in my family since my brother and sister both have a space for their trashcans. He made one for my sister, and since she loves turtles that is exactly what she got. Isn't it cute? I think it looks like art, yet it is a place to put her trash. Then this year for Christmas my grandfather made one for my brother with an outdoor scene. He figured he might like a picture with a deer since he has been hunting before. I just think it looks amazing and I wanted to show them off. Grandpa has some serious skills. We are lucky to have him around!

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sdgphoto said...

Your grandpa definitely has skills! What a wonderful heirlooms he has made for your and your siblings to hand down.

Oh and I have been meaning to tell you that Jack is PRECIOUS! I can't wait to meet him one day!

Take care!

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