Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yesterday Was A Great Day

I felt like yesterday was a really productive and wonderfully relaxing day. I was able to work on a few Christmas presents...I'm trying to make a few of them (to save some money), we took a family hike on the endless trail, followed by a yummy dinner, and a happy baby who enjoyed his bath and went straight to bed. It was a cold day, but I loved seeing snowflakes fall from the sky all day (even if it did not really stick). It just gave me that much more Christmas spirit. We brought the camera along for our hike.
Right now we are dog sitting for my parents so it has been fun to see Bodhi play with his girlfriend, Roxey. And of course, they loved the hike as well.
I actually took a lot of pictures yesterday too, because I wanted to capture his cute outfits. Two of Jack's aunts bought the same Christmas outfit from Target. I think it is adorable. Of course, Joe thinks I'm dressing him up too much, but I love it. Especially his leg warmers!
Then this morning I actually put him in his first Yankees onesie. I know that will make his other aunt happy!
My favorite picture of them all would have to be when Joe decided to read Rock and Ice magazine to Jack for his bedtime reading. The great thing is that Jack loved it...he was just staring at Joe with the most interest. I just know daddy is going to be his favorite!


Munky said...

That hike was fun. Just imagine how neat it would be to do it for 2 days with all of our backpacking stuff. Campfires, hot cocoa, roasted marshmallows, more overlooks, and going to bed by the sounds of the winter forest. Jack might just like it even more than his dad.

Kitchen-Dreams said...

Keep up the family hikes and the wonderful nicknames!

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