Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacation = Rehabilitation

Joe and I had an almost three week trip right after school was out and it was the perfect solution to a very stressful year. We literally left right after our last day of school and drove to Virginia to visit with our family and friends. After a week there we then drove to the Adirondacks for a week of camping and climbing. Then we drove to Long Island to spend time with Joe's aunt and uncle, while I also attended the best bridal shower ever!

What you see here are some of the highlights from our trip in the Adirondacks. It was fun, but after eight days without a shower I was ready for it to be over. Plus, I learned that I have some serious fears with climbing and the Adirondacks are brutal. Joe called it "adventure climbing," because they don't always make things easy. After finally ascending a climb, my praying was not over, because most times we had to explore our way down. Rappel ropes were in waterfalls, or it started to downpour, or it was a bushwack hike. Needless to say, the trip was good at challenging me and forcing me to become more of an outdoor girl!

Joe likes to jump rocks. Coming across this old parking area was perfect.

It rained almost the whole drive up and then almost the whole drive to Long Island. This shot was taken while trying to navigate around New York. I was a bit stress with traffic and rain.

We enjoyed quite a few campfires. I ate about three roasted marshmellows each night.

Joe is a climbing machine. I wish I was better so he could challenge himself with many difficult climbs. Instead he is always trying to find ones for me. What a sweetheart. On this day though, we went to Spider's Web, a climbing area with nothing be challenging climbs for him. He loved it

Our free camping area. We made a lot friends we came and went while we were there.

We spent my 30th brirthday in Lake Placid. We ate a great meal and shopped a little. Plus, ice cream for lunch. It was the perfect day for me.

Lake Placid by sunglass view.

This is where we ate dinner on my birthday. We had smothered fries (blue cheese and hot wing sauce), a salad, and a yummy hamburger to share.

Exhausted after climbing.

It is a little fuzzy, but can you see all the bug bites. I was literally attacked one day while hiking. I had to put on my raincoat even though I was hot so the black flies would stop biting my neck. I think I had over 20 bites on my neck alone, which doesn't even make mention of the bites on my legs, feet, and arms. I found some bites in unmentionable places. Plus, I got a rash of some sort, maybe poison oak on my leg? Sleeping at night was non-existant, it was more like a itch fest!

Although we did not have showers, twice we found ourselves under this wonderful, but cold waterfall. I think it might be the quickest shower I have ever experienced. I didn't mind the cold however, because it felt amazing and I went to sleep better on those nights.

That's me climbing Pete's Farewell. It was a really easy climb and could have been fun if I did not let myself have a panic attack. I get really anxious on multi-pitch climbs. After not being able to get a piece of Joe's gear out of the crack, I panicked. Once that happens I cannot relax and I just want it to be over. Unfortunately, most climbs that are multi-pitch make me feel anxious. I found I am better when I stay closer to the ground. Sport climbing will be great for me.

Joe is leading the way on the last pitch of Pete's farewell. Isn't it beautiful in the background? It would have been even better if there was no road, but then again, it made for an easy hike to the rock.

That's me climbing. It really was not that difficult in this spot, but it looks cool, right?

The man in orange is climbing Pete's Farewell, which we would climb afterwards. This is a shot from the road. We founds a traversing line and then a great crack to the top.

We thought we were going to do a three day backpacking trip because it was raining a lot the first few days, but it is not my thing. Plus, I am really slow and Joe is really fast and the Adirondack mountains are quite challenging. We completed one peak and then turned around. Lucky for us, most of the raining was finished and we even got to climb on dry rock with dry ropes and dry clothese.

Hiking in a wetland environment = slathering yourself in bug repellent.

We had to bring a bear box for the backpacking trip that we did not finish. I hate bears so I was a bit anxious when the guides at the Mountaineer shop said, oh don't worry they will just play with the box. Um, what?

I'm looking for the chocolate.

I think these are wild flowers or indigenous flowers for the Adirondacks...aren't they beautiful?

These are the signs were saw while approaching our destination. I'm sure the view of the hiker was music to Joe's ears.

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Happy Villain said...

OMG, I HATE black flies. I still have scars from two summers ago! And you were up SO HIGH! I don't know how you do that, but you are awesome.

Glad you got the rehab you needed. I wish you'd go on more trips because your adventures are so cool, but I bet you wish you could do more too. :)

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