Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Pictures of Slovenia

Doesn't the baby sheep look so cute?

They have the tourist thing down with all the autumn leaves growing on the hotels.

That's our rental car next to a traditional hay stacking rack.

Our first morning there we bought what we thought was cottage cheese at a farmers market, but Joe thinks it was actually Ricotta cheese and I decided I liked it either way.

I collect nativity sets and was excited to see a museum with different nativity displays...this was my favorite, so yummy.

Joe had fun in the two euro massage machine at the airport.

We found the toilet in the castle!

Joe and I were both fascinated with this one artist...there was a really large mural outside of a restaurant where we ate so we took a picture of part of it.

Joe wanted to see if he could move this boulder...good luck ol' man!

Joe has this funny face that he always makes and it turns out they made a t-shirt of it!

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Kate P said...

Just wanted to leave a comment and say that I've been following your blog for a little while now (via Happy Villain's) and it has been really interesting. You're showing a part of the world I probably otherwise wouldn't get to know. :)

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