Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things I already love about Prishtina:
1. There are great fruit and vegetable markets
2. You can take a walk and see sheep grazing in the city
3. People like to eat here
4. There are a lot of inexpensive restaurants
5. Kosovars are very friendly

Things that already drive me crazy:
1. The water and the electricity can get cut off at any time (usually for a few hours)
2. Smoking is the national sport
3. There is litter everywhere, which makes the city look ugly
4. Our shower does not drain well so it gets really dirty every day (so gross)
5. I have had the runs for almost a week now...either I am adjusting or I am still sick with the bug that everyone seems to be getting.

School starts next week and I am getting excited. In two weeks I am sure I will be overwhelmed, because at that point I will actually have to teach...four different preps for four different grades. Everything is so different here, much more easy going. Basically, it will all just fall into place and somehow it really does. Procedures don't really exist. For example, today I asked how to take attendance and found out that I basically just check and then send a report to a lady in the office. Oh, I guess I can make a form, since there is none! Haha, or maybe we will change things up this year and have the office lady walk around to the rooms, which is another thing that we talked about!

In other ways, it is very similar. I will do get-to-know you activities, send home a parent letter, and a supply list. I will still have to go over rules with the students and look really strict at the beginning of the year. And get this, I need to make sure there is no kissing in the elementary school! Apparently, the teachers and the students often kiss on the cheeks in the morning to greet, but the principal wants that to stop to keep it more professional! So that is it for my update. Next time I should write about coffee shops and restaurants, since we have eaten out more than we have eaten in!


Modigliani said...

Will your kids speak English? I guess that's kind of a dumb question ... but I don't know! :)

It sounds like it's been a cool experience so far. The smoking as a nat'l sport would be really hard on me, but the wonderful food and fresh produce would be like heaven!

Good luck as the year gets started! We've already started here (just finished my first week) and I'm EXHAUSTED! Sighhh... It's tough getting back into a schedule.

Travelin' Tracy said...

Momo- The students will speak English, but I guess I will find out how well they speak. I thought you were done with the teaching profession....what made you change your mind?

Modigliani said...

LoL ... yeah, lack of other viable options made me change my mind! :)
I am thinking of some future options, but they would be long term and involve going back to school. So for now, it makes better sense to stay where I am.

AMY_BELL - said...'ve had the runs!! TMI

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