Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A few wedding pictures

I was hoping to have more people send me pictures of the wedding and I am still waiting on the photographer, but here are two pictures that one of our friends took. You can see how beautiful my bouquet turned out and the decorations for the reception! I wish we could do it all again...it was perfect!


Happy Villain said...

GORGEOUS, Tracy! You both look so happy.

The apartment is not so bad, and I'll bet you anything that you will be very sad on the day you have to leave. :)

betty church said...

i took those!!! porter took the one of the dance! i love that one.

Travelin' Tracy said...

HV- thanks and the apartment really is not that bad. I think we will adjust fine, plus we have to remember it is a free apartment to us!

BC aka PL - I know you took those...actually I was sent some pictures from one other person, but that are just okay. The photographers look great, but we still have to wait a week or so! Thanks!

sdgphoto said...

Hi Tracy,

I love your blog! Here are some of the pics that I took at your wedding. I use this website because it is easy to look at the pics. I will send you whatever pics you would like or all of them.


Vatonurse said...

Congratulations! I love your wedding photo - you look so beautiful. What an awesome honeymoon you two are having. How long will you be living in Europe? I'm so happy for you, Tracy! :)

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