Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jack at 3 years old

All these snow days has really allowed me to get some time doing the things I love.  So I have been able to update the blog, work on a gift for a friend, and play with my children.  It really has been nice.  I have wanted to write a little something about Jack since he has turned three, but I never seem to find the right time.  Today while I was driving in the car I started thinking, in less than 17 years, Jack will be off to college or probably out of the house.  That really doesn't seem like that long.  There are many days I cannot even believe that I am in my mid thirties already, so really if my life has gone this fast, then it won't be long before my kids have grown.  I don't want to forget all the cute and quirky things my children do.  So if I cannot remember to keep a journal, then the least I can do is update my blog!

Things that I hope to always remember about Jack at this age:

  • fire trucks
  • super heroes (especially Spider man, Iron Man, and Power Rangers)
  • Watching movies.  He could spend all day in front of the tv, which is pretty scary.  Cars, Polar Express, and Planes are his favorite movies at the time.  I took him to see Walking with Dinosaurs over Christmas break and he loved that too.
  • Jack still loves to be pushed in a swing and asks to go really high
  • His vocabulary has improved, especially his pronunciation.  However there are a few words we are working on right now.  Truck sounds a lot like a bad word that starts with an F and he likes to say hamburger like this, hamelburger.
  • Jack is a super picky eater.  One day he will try something and the next day he won't touch anything we want to give him.  Or he will ask for plain pancakes, then ask for jelly to be put on them, and then right after you put jelly on them he will throw a fit because he wanted a plain pancake (this happened this very morning!).
  • He sleeps with a monkey and a tiger.
  • He just started primary in church and was very excited to tell me all about it when we left church.
  • Jack has already learned to terrorize the cat.  He chases her under the bed and hisses back at her.  Lately he has asked if we can get another dog and a new cat, "because ours is not nice."
  • He really likes to sing.  Some of his favorites are: Jumpin' Josie, The Peanut Song, Jingle Bells, The ABCs, and Happy Birthday.
  • We have just started playing imagination games, we pretend there is a shark and we all have to jump onto Mommy and Daddies bed (the boat).  He loves getting under the covers for protection.
  • He still doesn't like getting his toe nails or hair cut.
  • He is sleeping through the night from about 8pm to 5:30am (we get up early over here, but this is a major improvement for us).
  • He often tells me that he loves me or that I am his best friend.
  • Liam is his favorite friend to play with at day care.
  • He loves going to day care and has really enjoyed being around other kids.  Sometimes when we are at home he will raise his hand to ask for more food at dinner.
  • He knows to say please and thank you and is usually pretty good at doing it.
  • He was super excited for Halloween and Christmas this year.  I think we might find it just as fun to celebrate every other holiday from now on. 
  • Jack and Ella fight like crazy, but they are great cohorts.  They love playing together just about as much as they fight. Oh, and Jack likes to give Ella instructions, "Ella go pull the cats tail."
  • If you ask Jack to smile for the camera then he will open his mouth up really big.  I guess he thinks that is a smile, but if I ask him to say cheese he will do it correctly!
  • Jack has gone rock climbing a few times and gets scared with the height, but he is so proud of himself whenever he tries.
  • He is still a snuggle bug.  In fact, sometimes he asks to be the baby and I will hold him like a baby. Then he makes me laugh, because he asks for mommy milk!
  • I am always surprised by his memory.  He remembers things that he did over a year ago.
  • We are still working on the potty training.  He definitely knows the difference between a pull up and underwear and usually pees in the potty, but pretty much refuses to poop in the potty.
  • He knows his full name and sounds so cute when he says it.
  • His favorite colors are red and yellow.
  • Jack loves to talk with his grandparents and gets very excited to see or visit with them.
  • He likes to play games on the i pad.  We have found that to be a very helpful device while on a road trip!
I'm sure I will have some more to add to this list, but it will have to do for now.  We love our little guy. I am constantly proud of him and love seeing his kindness towards others. I hope that continues throughout his life.  He really is a special little guy and I am blessed to be his mother!

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