Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Parenting Ups & Downs

1. Yesterday as I was getting Jack into nap mode, we sat down and snuggled for a bit. I decided that I wanted to give him kisses on the cheek and after about five small kisses I told him I loved him. As I moved my head away I noticed he was using sign language for the word "more." It melted my heart to know that he wanted me to love on him again, so I gave him kisses two more times!

2. Jack has decided to become quite the big brother/helper. He loves when I am doing chores, especially sweeping or vacuuming. If it were up to him, then he would get to use the broom or vacuum. Even today as I was taking the stroller out the front door, he ran back in to shut the door for me. He has become such a big helper and really loves to be a support. (He even tries to put a pacifier in Ella's mouth, although she usually doesn't want it!).

3. Ella has started to make coo sounds. I know I always say that Jack is at such a fun age, but there is truly something magical about a little tiny baby. I love when I pick her up from a nap and she is all scrunched up. And after a feeding she gives me huge smiles and coos at me. We even have a little conversation. So although I can't wait until she can start to move around, I have to constantly remind myself she won't always be so small and cute and I need to cherish it, especially since we don't plan to have more children.

4. Taking walks with Jack has become so much more fun. I usually load Ella up in the stroller and allow Jack to walk until he gets tired of it. Then I set him on the handlebars and we walk and look around at things. He is becoming aware of the world around him. Right now he is especially interested in trucks, birds, and waving at things. I probably say the word truck about 80 times, since we live in a rural area where everyone drives a truck.

1. The terrible twos have already started in our house. I guess this happens because Jack knows exactly what he wants to do, but gets upset if we don't understand him or if he doesn't get his way. He even falls to the ground. It is no fun.

2. Ella likes to scream at stop lights. A LOUD PIERCING CRY. Enough said...

3. I miss having "me time." We basically need to build it into the schedule. I need some time to do what I want, without the kids. I need to socialize with others, or work on a hobby, maybe go running/hiking. I really don't care what I do, just that I get it. Right now I have been feeling frustrated about not having that at all and I have all these ideas of things I want to do, but can't because I'm a mom first.

4. Nap time never seems long enough to get the house clean. I have started staying up after the early morning feeding (4:30am) to get going for the day which has helped some, but man are the days long now. And even if I clean, then it gets dirty almost right afterward. For example, I swept and mopped the floors yesterday afternoon and by dinner Jack had dropped half a taco on the floor. I'm getting there though, and I finally feel like I have a handle on laundry since Ella arrived.

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