Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ella at 2 Months

The second month has gone by really quickly. I can't believe that we are entering into her third month. Thankfully I feel like we have settled into a good routine. Now that the guest bedroom is finished, I'm back to sleeping in my bed and we are slowly working on getting Jack back into his shared bedroom with Ella. He goes to sleep in his bed just fine, but doesn't want to stay in there through the night, so that is what we need to work on. Fortunately Ella is adapting to her crib nicely and seems to be a solid sleeper. The past two nights she has slept a straight 7 hours before a feeding, but I don't want to jinx myself since that could very easily change!

Here is a monthly update of her stats:

Nicknames: Turtle, Hazel Nut, Ella Bella

Weight: 9 lb. 6 oz. Height: 22.5 inches

Temperament: She continues to be a little more demanding and fussy. I know it is too soon, but she seems to respond the best for mommy. Joe has had some terrible days when I was tutoring and she just continued to cry. I think I might just have the magic swaddling touch. My mom also seems to do well too (or maybe we are just more patient?). Last weekend we went to my sister-in-law's baby shower and Ella cried for everyone expect me or my mom. Actually, I'm starting to begin to understand her cries. I can tell when she is mad because we have not picked her up (this usually happens when she is in the car seat), then there is a cry for when she is sleepy, and it is more of a fussy whimper to a cry when she is hungry. On the plus side, she is starting to smile and we got to see her first smiles on March 9th. I hope that means she is a pretty happy baby. She also stays awake longer each day and likes to lay on the play mat to look around at everything.

First/New Experiences: We went to Northern Virginia for a trip to see family last weekend. It was her first road trip and other than a few times crying on the way up, she was great. I was able to put her in the pack and play to sleep each night and she seemed happy. It was a busy weekend filled with family time and running errands. Of course as I mentioned already, she started to smile and now she is doing it all the time. I love a gummy grin. Most of the time she sticks her tongue out when she smiles, it makes my heart melt. Oh, she has also started fitting into her cloth diapers. They look so cute on her little body!

Items/Toys That We Love: When Jack was born we rarely used the baby swing. I always felt like it moved to quickly and he just didn't seem to like it much. He was more of a fan of the vibrating bouncy seat. The opposite seems to be true for Ella. She loves to motion from the swing. Well, she also uses the bouncy seat for a nap while I am showering but refuses to sit in it at any other time. The play mat has been nice for her to look at bright and colorful objects, but I have to watch Jack carefully so he doesn't try to lay on her or put a blanket in her face (two things he has tried to do).

This next month should be a busy one...let's see, another trip to VA with friends, the chocolate festival in Lewisburg, and her first Easter!

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