Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Last Two Months in Pictures

I need to update on my has been busy for me over here, because I have been making a lot of Christmas presents. Plus, I started working during the day as a tutor and a home bound teacher. Fortunately, the home bound is complete, so that has freed up some time for me! So this post will mostly be picture heavy, to show some of the cute things that Jack has been doing. I don't have any pictures from Thanksgiving, which probably means we took them all with Joe's cell phone. I will have to write about that separately, because it was so great! Anyhow, here we go!We saw Santa today...he was at the local breakfast place. Jack didn't cry, but he shook his head "no" to say he didn't really want to sit there!

We bought a tree this week and decorated it. Unfortunately with a room remodel going on, and my being pregnant, I don't feel motivated to pull out many other decorations this year. However, I still think the house looks nice.
Since we had a lot of stuff to bring back from Lowes for our remodel, the car seat was moved out of the car...however, it looks like Jack is ready to go for a ride!

Jack started carrying my lunch bag around the house, it looked like a little purse!

We tried finger painting. It took three different tries on this paper to make his uncle's birthday card.
Jack has been very cuddly lately. In fact, a couple nights in a row he would leave me and go to his daddy to lay next to him. Twice I found them both asleep!
Jack is curiously finding different places to explore. I had to laugh when I found him in the stove!

Jack is going to be musical when he grows up. He loves to dance, he loves playing on the piano, or on Daddy's guitar. It is just too cute.

My grandparents came for a visit in early November or maybe it was October? Anyhow, Jack was a little sick, so he was super cuddly with them, which they LOVED! We made a small trip down by the river to walk around. These were my favorite picks from that day!

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Taylor's said...

Oh my he is getting so big! And so dang handsome as always!

Hope you are still feeling okay for this pregnancy!

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