Saturday, June 4, 2011

What do we do when dad is away?

Joe has been gone the past three days for a school field trip to Washington, D.C. I wish we could have gone with him, but would have had to drive separately and gas is just way too expensive. From what I hear, the kids are having a blast. Most of them come from really poor families, and through funding the school was able to cover most costs. So about thirty kids and three days of D.C. sight seeing. Joe told me that the kids were so excited to be in the hotel, because they had never been in one so nice (how cute is that?).

So what did we do? Well, not too much. I have been tired lately and it was pretty hot outside. However, we did get out a little bit too. We took lots of walks (I was unmotivated to hoo), a trip to the park, a picnic in Babcock State Park, a trip to Summersville Lake, we watched a movie, I ate ice cream. Jack grabbed at my peach at one point the try it...he did the same thing with some bread and grabbed a big piece to eat. I guess pureed food just isn't cutting it anymore. We made homemade strawberry ice cream with berries from a friend's garden, and worked in our garden.

Our picnic at Babcock State Park...that is the first time Jack kept his hat on.

We both took a bath every night, because no air conditioning makes us very sticky through out the day (don't worry we have window units in the bedrooms).

Look who is taking over the whole bed? He sleeps just like his dad with the arms out!

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