Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Charleston, WV

A few weeks ago I went to a weekend conference with 11 students from the high school that I taught at. I am still the school advisor for the HI-Y club, which basically helps students to develop leadership skills. For this particular weekend we were headed to the state capitol as they acted as legislatures and had to present a bill that that they wrote, or they were lobbyists, pages, etc. Jack came with me for the weekend trip. I always have fun chaperoning these weekend get-aways and I'm always very grateful to the program that has allowed me to bring my child as well. The first picture is a shot of Jack outside of the capitol building (I believe that is a memorial for the world wars).A church right next to the biggest mall around (totally small by comparison to NoVA). It was also next to our hotel and we got to see people practicing Palm Sunday.
There was a prom on Saturday night, so many people came to the capitol to take pictures. It really is a beautiful building, but I always find this so crazy. Back in my day, we just took pictures on the front lawn. It was also especially crazy this year because they had a rained out Easter carnival in the downstairs that morning, then there were the prom goers, and we also witnessed people setting up for a wedding in the hallway before we had left for the day.

Lunch on Saturday was at the governor's house, which is right next to the capitol building. I took a few pictures inside and of the gardens. It was a stunning building.

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