Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wildlife Sighting in Washington State

We had the best spring break in Washington State. It was beautiful and a little cold, but well worth to trip. We took lots of pictures, but I'm just attaching a few for the time being. In fact, I think it was the perfect babymoon trip for us. It had a little hiking, some great mountain vistas, nice beds to sleep in, and no set schedule. I don't think we could have been it any better. I love my husband more and more everyday and it was so much fun to take this trip together. Most of the pictures you will see were taken by him...he is much better with a camera than me!

Giant stuffed bears...oh my!

We saw about five raccoons while at the museums in Victoria, Canada.

Seagulls in Ocean Shores, WA

Roosevelt elk spotting as we circled Quinault Lake.

Hey look it is Big Foot's son...and he is going surfing!

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Happy Villain said...

ELK! You saw elk!? Okay, I'm jealous again. Ridiculous. Next time you go on a trip I'll follow behind you so I see your wildlife too. Ew, that sounds stalky. Never mind. I'll just live vicariously, like usual. :)

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