Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our First Renovation

So we bought the house, an old house, built in 1896. I expected there to be quirks, and things that would need some TLC, but I guess it was too much to except it to be free of West Virginia ghetto rigging! We are redoing our upstairs bathroom and it was a complete gut job. We are four days into what we were hoping would be a week long renovation (we get all of Thanksgiving week off, because of hunting season). I think we will be lucky if we get the wall up, the bathtub installed, and the start of a tile floor! Nevertheless, it is exciting to think we are going to make this a better place and we love it!
This is a picture of me "Raising the Roof." Basically after we demo-ed the bathroom we found a hole in the ceiling/roof, so before we could really address the bathroom we needed to figure that out and fix the roof that had dropped. So it was a process today. Actually I didn't do much of the work, thanks to my wonderful husband and my dad. I was given the task of pulling out nails on the old trim that we are going to try to salvage. Plus, I pulled staples out of the staircase, for a future project. Tomorrow while they work a little more, I will be making pumpkin pie, jello, and peeling potatoes...for Thanksgiving! I just can't wait to have the final reveal of our bathroom!

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