Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bridge Day, New River Gorge

The 3rd Saturday of every October is Bridge Day at the New River Gorge. One thing I have really love about living in Fayetteville is all the festivals and outdoor adventures that we get to experience, but still live in a small town. The highlight of bridge day is the fact that base jumpers come from all over the world to legally jump off the bridge. It is pretty cool to see. However, this year, it was really cold. Unfortunately we missed the first chile cook-off, but I am thinking that I might particpate next year. So here are a few pictures and maybe next year, we will get some visitors in our new house to see the Bridge day festivities too!

I posed in front of this backdrop...doesn't it look like I am going to jump?!

A view from the bridge looking down to the New River.

Can you see where they were jumping in the middle of the bridge?

Base jumpers packing up their parachutes. It is a very careful process. We asked and they said they had hopes of jumping three times. Apparently jumping off this bridge is one of the safer ways to base jump.

My husband is all bundled up because it was freezing outside!

Lots of goodies to eat along the way to the bridge...

Did I not capture the coolest picture ever? He was jumping off with flippers! And below is some video footage of base jumpers. It was a fun, but cold day.


Munky said...

Since you always comment on my posts and it always makes me feel good that at least someone reads my thoughts, I thought I'd do the same for you. Bridge Day was quite the cultural experience, wasn't it? WV at its finest on that bridge all trying to stay warm.

Drae said...

It looks like such a fun time!! Jon really liked Charlotte and I think I would too if he got an offer there. We would definitely come over for bridge day. You and your sister are more than welcome to come stay with us. We recently moved to a really small place, but you're welcome to stay on the couches. :) We are about 2 1/2 hours away from Chicago, but there's a train that takes you from Chicago to here pretty easily. Let me know, if you still want to come stay and when. If it's after the new year, I might even be able to meet you there. It would be so fun to see you.

sdgphoto said...

Great photos of a fun event! I'm glad you are enjoying WV.

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