Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Trip Home

I'm not finished with pictures of Kosova yet. I thought it might be appropriate to show pictures and video for the return trip home. We were really lucky, because our landlord worked for Austrian Airlines, so he finagled for us and we did not have to pay the extra fee for overweight luggage! Thank heavens! The view at the airport was an interesting sight, because it was filled wtih military people. Everyone from Austria, Italy, and Germany were on their way home. So they filled the place. That might give you an idea of how of a military prescence was in the area.

The flight home was a bit of a concern for us too. We found out about four days before we left that the flight no longer existed. So of course we were worried about making it home. After confirming seats on an earlier flight that left on Saturday afternoon we realized that we would need to spend the night in Vienna. So we had to make a few phone calls to airlines and our travel agency to work out a free night stay in Vienna (since that was not in our original plans). We actually got to spend the night in the hotel directly across the street from the airport. It was awesome. We did not want to miss the festivities in the city so at about eight at night we took the fast train into the city and walked around. The Christmas lights were beautiful. We stopped to get a bite to eat at a concert hall. While listening to opera we ate the most expensive hotdog. On the menu it said we were ordering a Snitzel, and we figured it would be a sausage (not a pink hotdog).

However, it was served with fresh horseradish, which Joe decided to take on with one bite! Check out the video.

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Taylor's said...

His face in that video is hilarious! I hope he took a HUGE drink after wards!

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