Thursday, September 11, 2008

Decani Monastery

Last weekend we made a trip to the Serbian monastery outside of Peja. It takes about an hour and a half to get there and it is a highly protected UN spot. Since it is a historically important Serbian location, there have been Albanian hostilities to the location, even though it is the most peaceful monastery. I thought all the monks were very nice to us and quite informative. I also liked that they had kittens there, and it was okay to pet them (I would not do that on the street in Prishtina).

Although it did not hold any special religious reverence for me, I thought it to be a very peaceful place. I wish I could have take pictures from inside the church, because the fresco's were amazing. There were all original paint, no touch ups, and they had been cleaned a few times. I'm just glad that no damage was done to the church, because it was so nice to see. We are planning to make a return visit because the have an evensong service on Thursday nights. I hear that they have an open casket on Thursday nights too. Apparently the body is really old and well preserved without any embalming. It all sounds gross to me. I really just want to go to hear the chanting from the monks. There certainly lead an interesting life. To sacrifice love, intimacy, wealth, and family. I believe they take a vow of poverty and they do not speak with their families. I also noticed they were self sustaining, with fruit trees, vines, and planted fields. So it was a nice morning, followed by a delicious lunch and in the evening I went to church. I meet with other church members at 5:30 at night and we have a simple service followed by dinner! Yum. It was nice to go last week and I am hoping to go again this weekend too.

The doorway entrance with a monk sitting across the way.

There are a lot of Turkish bathrooms throughout Kosova. This is what I had to least it was clean with toilet paper!

A simple flower garden.


Modigliani said...

Ooo... that place looks beautiful! Although it is a sacrifice to give up love, marriage, family, and wealth ... I kind of envy the monks' life. To live peacefully in a quiet and beautiful location, and be self-sufficient sounds like a very simple and satisfying kind of happiness.

The dead body thing, though. That's kind of weird! :)

Travelin' Tracy said...

I think the thought sounds nice, but then again leave family and my opinion that is very important to God's plan for our happiness. Sacrifice is good, but it does not have to be extreme. Although, I am thankful for the beautiful places that they have left us!

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