Monday, January 28, 2013

Ella is finally a 1 year old.  I can't believe that a whole year has passed.  Seriously, it is almost hard to remember what I was thinking and feeling while in labor.  It seems so long ago and really such a small blip compared to all the fun she has been.  Honestly, she is working really hard to be my favorite child and she is only one! I love how outgoing and giggly she is.  Almost everything makes her laugh, especially when we are all eating at the dinner table. I was able to get pictures to upload again, yeah.  So this post will be picture heavy and also include the usual stats.  Sadly this will be her last monthly update, but I'm going to work my best to include more posts about the two of them.  It is good for the family anyways!

Nicknames:  Little Bear, Ella Bella, Wiggle Worm

Weight/Height:  20.8 lbs. and 30 inches

Foods:  Ella has always been a really good eater.  Joe told me that I need to look back on the posts about Jack, because I don't remember him being as good of an eater.  She will try just about everything.  She continues to have a sweet tooth and had no trouble digging into her birthday cake.  Ella also wants to eat whatever we are eating and whenever we are eating.  It makes it difficult to get a snack in, especially when it is something she can't chew yet.  I guess I can only snack on nuts when she is napping!

Temperament:  Ella continues to bring out more and more personality each day.  She is quite talkative (even though it is just baby babble) and loves to follow her brother around.  In fact, she has almost learned how to run.  Sometimes Jack and I will chase her around the house and tell her we are going to tickle her.  Usually this involves her trying to walk as fast as possible, while giggling, with Jack right behind her and his arms outstretched like a zombie.  I am usually behind him and saying, "tickle, tickle."  It probably looks funny, but we are having fun.

I also think Ella is pretty set on a schedule.  She likes to take her naps at the same time everyday, eat at the same time everyday, and go to bed at night at the same time.  She gets cranky whenever that schedule is off. I have to admit, I love the routine and consistency.

Items/Toys We Love:  About two weeks ago I was able to go grocery shopping with just Ella.  I decided to look at some of the sippy cups in the children's section at Walmart and thought it might be time to pick up one for her that was just a bit better for her age, instead of all the ones that we use for Jack.  Basically something a little more spill proof.  As I was looking I narrowed it down to two and finally then just one.  I began to put that one in the cart, when she started to cry, because I had picked the wrong one.  I switched them out and she was a very happy little girl.  Since we brought that home, she has loved using her new sippy cup every chance she gets.  She also really loves to climb into or on top of anything.  That seems to be a favorite game or play activity at the moment.

First Experiences:  We had our first stomach bug run through the house this past month.  Ella and I both got it, then we so kindly shared it with a few friends (I'm so sorry to everyone that go sick...I seriously thought it would have been clear after a week).  Ella was throwing up and had diarrhea for a few days.  I was constantly doing laundry and felt so bad for her.  Then she got a cold right after that.  It was not a fun time in our house.  However, what it did do, was stop Ella from drinking formula or milk.  She would get sick anytime she had a bottle and now refuses to use a bottle.  That works just great for me, but I am hoping some how we can reintroduce the milk to her.

So that is a quick and simple monthly update of our little girl.  I will write up another post this week about her birthday party.  It was so much fun and turned out great.  I love a good first birthday.  Actually I think I am looking forward to each year that I get to have fun (small) parties for my kiddos.  Well, it will be fun until the first sleep over!

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