Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Last Big Project Before the Baby Arrives

So we continue to work on the house this summer and I have to admit, we have done some serious damage on the place. I can't believe we haven't even been here for a year, because it feels like we have done a lot of projects. Of course, I'm not doing much this time around with the preggo belly, but I did help my mom and grandma clean windows and baseboards. Plus, this project has taken on a life of its own and grown...into three big projects! I can't believe we will get it all done before the baby is here. I just hope we can get the walls painted before baby Jack arrives.We were originally just planning to drywall the hallway upstairs with hopes to get the downstairs hallway too...which we are doing! Plus, we opened up the entryway into our dining room for better movement (it was really narrow between the hallway and stairway railing). And then Joe decided to also redo the walls in the dining room since we were working partially on that room! SO, we are have a lot of painting to do...it is madness! I'm a bit grumpy, and I'm sorry to all my family for having to deal with my moodiness. I really have appreciated their help in the past week. I just can't wait to show some more pictures and updates and hopefully a finished project!

We also celebrated our second anniversary with a super delicious dinner with family and a blizzard between the two of us! I'm constantly impressed with my husband and I feel so blessed to be with him!

This video is not great...I always forget that I cannot turn the camera. Oh well! You can see how my house has been for the last week.

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AMY_BELL - said...

It sure is a good thing we have such a handy family. Could you imagine having to pay someone to do all that work? We're lucky!

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