Saturday, June 26, 2010

Starting the Nursery

I started working on the baby room the first week I finished school. First step was to pick out the room colors. I knew that I wanted a neutral color for most of the walls, but have one accent wall with a bright green color. After checking out a few sample colors, I found my picks, bought the paint, and prepped the room. It took me two days to paint (by myself) because my husband was building our dining room table at the time. Don't worry, most paints today are safe for pregnant women with no odors!

After our baby shower last weekend (which I need to post about) Joe started to put together furniture for the baby room. The dresser, which we put on our registry probably took the longest (and sadly, it is a pretty cheap piece of furniture for a lot of money). We also got our crib from my parents and thankfully that went together nicely and looks good too, for half the money of the dresser!

I have also started washing the new clothing and fabrics in vinegar to eliminate any chemicals. Then today I made a crib skirt, and lined the dresser shelves with cute paper. This room will be officially put together by the end of July. I still need to attach the wall decal, assembly the IKEA chair, put pictures on the wall, and read the manual for the baby monitor. Then I guess I should make some room for baby bottles in the kitchen, get the car seat in our car, and all the rest of the stuff that I should be thinking about with a baby on the way. So at least here is a start to our preparation for baby Jack!


Drae said...

The nursery is so cute! It's so much fun. I am still working on finally getting a nursery for Annie, now that we have a home. I'm so excited for you guys. It's such a fun experience. Can't wait to meet Jack. If you haven't checked out Baby Wise, you should. It has been such a blessing. I don't particularly like the book, but the principles have done wonders for Annie's sleep.

Nicole said...

You look adorable. Congrats! Your comment on my blog was hilarious. I miss laughing with you about random things.

The Case Family said...

Sooo cute Tracy! I am sorry I missed your shower, it fell on a weekend that I had already made a commitment for. I really wish I could have done both but it just wasn't feasible.
The nursery is absolutely adorable, I can't wait to see it once it's complete. Keep posting!

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