Monday, March 30, 2009

Sorry, for not writing in so very long. Joe and I have been busy, although I have been home most Sundays I just haven't put the time and effort into writing on the blog. We are surviving our jobs! Actually, both of us teach at urban schools and there are days when I come home at night and I just think, "I hate my job." Most days however, it is just very tiring. Occasionally I walk away feeling like I might have actually made a difference. I actually think if I had started here at the beginning of the year, some things would be a lot easier. They are still learning my routines, plus they are used to having some bad habits. I'm learning a lot though. They know how to pull out the worst, and there are times I just have to tell myself to calm down. My blood pressure rises and my face litterally turns red and nothing good comes out of it. Or I end of arguing back and forth with a child that has no respect. Seriously, it makes me miss Kosova and my old school. Then again, I think...when else will I get to say that I taught in an inner city school? I will have some good stories!

The only scary part is that I am only end of the year contracted, since I came in the middle of the year. Since the county is being hit hard with the economy that means my job is basically over and so is my husbands. Not that these jobs are great, but is is scary to think that in the middle of June we are both going to be out of work. It is a little scary for both of us and I am looking at lots of different counties for work. And of course I want to think so much about our future...I am ready to buy a house and start a family. Hopefully our hard work will pay off and we will find ourselves in a good situation, with better jobs, in a place we love.

Joe and I were talking about it and we are cancelling our spring break plans to go to counties and meet with principals to try to get an extra edge at positions. I mentioned that I would quit teaching if I could get into the wedding planning business. My dream summer job would be an assistant to a wedding planner and learn about the business. If I did a good job the planner would immediately take me on full time, and I would do that for a while! Wouldn't that be awesome? Well, I can dream, right? I don't even know how I am going to get myself into that business...but one day that would be fun!

So we are busy and trying to get a routine in our lives right now. Maybe after spring break I will have some good updates, with pictures of our adventures. In the meantime, I get to read everyone elses stories!


Nicole said...

I love getting into a routine. Don't rush it otherwise it's overwhelming. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Missed you at the reunion.

Krista Cook said...

Hey Tracy,

I am also hoping the best for you. Life does sound busy and up and down for you. Way to go getting out on a run. I'm thinking about you.

Sister two scoops

Happy Villain said...

Well, I'm glad to read that I didn't miss 100 posts between having no computer for two months and my own crazy traveling. Wow, inner-cities can be a whole different challenge, and I'm glad to see you have days when you appreciate it. Perhaps when your contract is up, they'll keep you as a substitute or something. I suppose that isn't stable enough to live your life doing it, but it can help out while you look for wedding planner jobs. :) How cool! You did such a fabulous job with your own, you would be a natural! I'm always telling you this, but I'm excited for you and what your future holds.

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