Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lewisburg, WV Chocolate Festival

This last weekend we went to Lewisburg to enjoy to tasting of their annual chocolate festival. I was so excited to go, but I also was afraid it would not live up to its name. Thankfully, it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon with my family. We were able to get ten tasting tickets and we wandered around the town trying lots of yummy chocolate treats. I think my two favorites were the rich chocolate pudding with a raspberry (it had a much fancier name and it looked divine) and I really liked the rice crispy treat that I dipped in dark chocolate. Yum!

No yummy treats for Jack, but he was the best baby ever. I think he was super excited to be spending the whole day with both mom and dad. As you can imagine he crashed on the way home.

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