Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our First UltraSound

So I don't know if this will be the only one, but I can say it was very exciting....especially because we found out the sex of the baby! It is going to be a boy. It was the last thing we found out, but right when the technician focused in on that part of the baby, Joe could see the baby's penis! It was right there for us to see just because he wanted to make sure everyone knew! And right away he was doing karate kicks...Joe loved that too. Needless to say, we are thrilled and so excited to be having a boy (secretly it was what we both wanted). And just seeing the baby made me realize this is really happening! So in the picture you can see the baby's head and he has his hand on his forehead. The second picture is a front image of his face...doesn't it look like skeletor? And last is a video where you can even see the heart beating!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I couldn't drive through Forks, WA and not stop to take a picture. I would not call myself a faithful Twilight fan, but I have read all the books...and quickly too. I have also seen both of the movies. And being that I am a teacher that has many students with an obsession for the stories, I thought I would have to get a picture.

Of course, the town looks nothing like the movie...however, all the forested land does. And we also went to the beach next to La was beautiful. I noticed that everyone in Forks was feeding off the popularity. There were Twilight burgers, Jacob or Edward sandwiches, plus many stores were selling things related to the movies!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wildlife Sighting in Washington State

We had the best spring break in Washington State. It was beautiful and a little cold, but well worth to trip. We took lots of pictures, but I'm just attaching a few for the time being. In fact, I think it was the perfect babymoon trip for us. It had a little hiking, some great mountain vistas, nice beds to sleep in, and no set schedule. I don't think we could have been it any better. I love my husband more and more everyday and it was so much fun to take this trip together. Most of the pictures you will see were taken by him...he is much better with a camera than me!

Giant stuffed bears...oh my!

We saw about five raccoons while at the museums in Victoria, Canada.

Seagulls in Ocean Shores, WA

Roosevelt elk spotting as we circled Quinault Lake.

Hey look it is Big Foot's son...and he is going surfing!

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Adventure - Spring Break in Seattle

So Joe and I decided that we should make our spring break a fun trip because we did not know what kind of fun we would be having in the summer when I am really far into the pregnancy. So after scoping out ticket prices for a while, my wonderful husband found tickets from Washington, D.C. to Seattle, WA for a little over $200 each. So we decided to book the tickets and travel off to a part of the United States that neither of us has really been. Plus, we are renting a car and traveling to Vancouver, B.C. and Olympic Island National Park.

It is going to be a true adventure because we have decided not to book anything in terms of hotels. I guess we figure this way we can take our time everywhere. I just hope that we can still do this on the cheap....we will have to report about it and tell you later. I think it would be fun to stay in a tree-house hotel and since it is the off season, we might have a chance of getting a room for a lower rate. Plus, there are the hot springs on Olympic Island that I won't mind soaking in! It will be fun.

I know I have not posted in a while, but it has been project central at our house and it did not seem that important to write about. When I return from spring break I should show the finished pictures of our bathroom and we painted our bedroom. Plus, there will be a nursery to create too! And pictures of Washington! So stay tuned.

Update in February

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