Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Baby Boy Has Arrived!

It has been really crazy since I have been in the hospital, but I wanted to officially make the annoucement that our baby is here. He arrived on Thursday, September 23rd at 12:53 am, weighing 7 lb. 14 oz. and at a length of 20 1/2 inches. After laboring for about 24 hours, I was happy for the labor to be over, but another set of concerns arose. Jack swallowed some meconium during delivery which was a concern and he was whisked away to the nursery. Unfortunately he has had to be under an oxygen hood ever since to help with his lungs and x-rays have shown some pneumonia. Thankfully the doctors and nurses have been treating him well and he is slowly getting better. Hopefully I will be able to hold him before I am discharged tonight. On a good note though, I have started pumping so it won't be long before he gets some breast milk! He is the cutest baby ever, which the most adorable cries and whimpers. And he looks just like his daddy! I just want to hold him forever. I love him already!

Welcome to the world
Jack Muir DeGaetano

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Life Will Change Forever This Month!

It is mid-September and I was thinking this morning...I can't believe September is already here. Actually the last six weeks has really gone by slow. I keep thinking about experiencing labor and I'm freaked out by the idea that life is going to change. I have continued to grow more in love with my husband and now I will be sharing my love with another little bundle. Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited to finally see my baby. I can't wait to see what he looks like, find out what he personality is like, and experience all the firsts of parenthood. Yet, I also think about how life is going change.

I'm having a hard time sleeping now, but just wait until the baby is finally here. It is also scary to think about being responsible for another individual. FOR. THE. REST. OF. MY. LIFE. Doesn't that thought just sound so scary? I just want to do a good job. I want my relationship with my husband to continue to grow stronger and I know that we will be so busy with our baby.

I'm sure I am sounding awful, but it is just some of the things I am thinking about right now. And lets not get started with labor. I'm scared to push a baby out! It is going to hurt and I want so badly to be tough and be able to say that I did it without any help from drugs! I don't know how I will take the pain, so I will just have to wait and see. I guess the idea of this baby arriving is just all so surreal.

Every day I am asked when the baby is due. As a teacher, the students are constantly asking me, "When is the baby coming?" or "You haven't popped that baby out yet?" I have one more week until the due date. However, I have a feeling he won't be ready just yet. I'll do what I can to prepare. The car seat has been installed, the hospital bag is packed, and I'm halfway through my lesson plans for a sub. So little by little I'm getting things together. Our house projects are almost complete...we just need to finish up some touch-ups with paint and add the last bit of trimwork in the hallway. It is a crazy thought to realize life is about to change forever. I'm excited and nervous.

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