Friday, April 2, 2010

New Adventure - Spring Break in Seattle

So Joe and I decided that we should make our spring break a fun trip because we did not know what kind of fun we would be having in the summer when I am really far into the pregnancy. So after scoping out ticket prices for a while, my wonderful husband found tickets from Washington, D.C. to Seattle, WA for a little over $200 each. So we decided to book the tickets and travel off to a part of the United States that neither of us has really been. Plus, we are renting a car and traveling to Vancouver, B.C. and Olympic Island National Park.

It is going to be a true adventure because we have decided not to book anything in terms of hotels. I guess we figure this way we can take our time everywhere. I just hope that we can still do this on the cheap....we will have to report about it and tell you later. I think it would be fun to stay in a tree-house hotel and since it is the off season, we might have a chance of getting a room for a lower rate. Plus, there are the hot springs on Olympic Island that I won't mind soaking in! It will be fun.

I know I have not posted in a while, but it has been project central at our house and it did not seem that important to write about. When I return from spring break I should show the finished pictures of our bathroom and we painted our bedroom. Plus, there will be a nursery to create too! And pictures of Washington! So stay tuned.


Taylor's said...

holy fun!

My hubby served his mission in Seattle and I have an Aunt and 2 cousins that live in Washington too! We love that state!

Enjoy! I can hardly wait!

Dav said...

That sounds fun. I served my mission in Washington State.... love love love the Northwest!