Tuesday, July 14, 2009

True Story

Each morning while vacationing in the Adirondacks, Joe and I would drive over to a parking lot that had an adjacent picnic table to make our breakfast. Since we were camping, it was the nicest place to be able to sit together and make oatmeal. Another connivance was the "port-a-potty," near the table. This is always a better option then using the outdoors. So one morning after eating my breakfast I thought I would, "take care of business" before heading out to rock climb.

Well, while I was in the middle of the whole process I look down and notice something in the space between the floor and the wall on the right side. At first I thought it was a rope, then I looked closer and realized that is was moving. Um, it was a SNAKE. A very big black snake with a white speckled belly! And I was a bit stuck, since I had to finish the business! Fortunately for me, it did not decide to come fully into the John or I would have been screaming and running out butt naked!


Happy Villain said...

Noooooooooooooooooo! That's why I can't go deep in the woods -- I need to be near a clean potty with no large animals who could bite me. I've actually gotten bladder infections because I refuse to go and hold it for so long. :( HOW did you not scream bloody murder?!

Travelin' Tracy said...

Well, it took me a while to really figure out it was a snake. Plus, it wasn't quite in the port-a-potty, just squeezed in the side. I don't know, snakes don't scare me that much maybe. Once I finished up though, I made my husband look at it too. We must have been a funny sight (two people staring into a john)!

Taylor's said...

Oh snot! That is my worst fear!