Sunday, December 7, 2008

When we arrived in Meteora we did not have a place to stay. We figured that we would talk with the rock climbing guys that we met and get an idea of where to stay. Well, the only guy we met, in charge of No Limits, also has rooms in this beautifully renovated house. There were three rooms available to rent out with a kitchen area as well. Lucky for us, since it was off season we had the place to ourselves! It was the perfect place for 40 euros a night. Not the cheapest we had found there, but definitely well worth the money for its updated fixtures! See the video below to see what it looked like in the inside.


Taylor's said...

What a steal! Even for 40 a night!

Nicole said...

Hey girl. I need your address to send you a Christmas card.

Shoot me an email.

The Case Family said...

So are you guys coming home for Christmas? We would love to see you guys. Let me know.